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  1. Love three! And the last one is nice too!
  2. Love the KK icons! Don't see that many around these days!
  3. Love the Annie sig, great colouring!
  4. The Bourne Supremacy. First one was better.
  5. This latest batch is really good! The borders work well. Especially, the b&w ones.
  6. Love all these! The colouring and croppings are nice especially the first.
  7. Great icons Amy! Really nice natural colouring. I'm going to be different i actually don't mind the heart on jules/cassie one i just think that red was a bit too strong if the red had been the same colour as jules' t-shirt it would be better.
  8. Love these! Nice colouring.
  9. Nope. Finished most of the work.
  10. I'm feeling really christmassy this year too! Not got our tree up yet though, although should really have it up by now. I'm okay, procrastinating on here because i have work to do that i don't want to do.
  11. WHERE are you? I may start calling you rachiepoo aswell if you're not on soon =P

  12. I do smell!! Very nice in fact ;]

    You however smell rather bad, *so that's what that bad smell was earlier* :P

  13. You could say that. LMAO on your third christmas party now. Yay for you meeting Delta!! How's everyone?
  14. These are so cute! Great work.
  15. Love the Mattie set, really unique!
  16. Love 1 and 3. Great cropping and colouring.
  17. Like the first one. Good colouring + cropping.
  18. Great ending!!! The way you left it was great. I've loved this fic so much! Upset it's over I think it's a really great achievement to be able to finish a fic because i've never managed it with any of my fics either people stop reading commenting or i just stop getting the inspiration to carry on so people really do underestimate how great of an achievement it is. Okay, i'll stop now. at it being in the Adult Section.
  19. Great two chapters! Glad that manage to sort things out. It better be a happy ending or else. Don't want it to be over though.
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