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  1. Some Hearts. Yay. Someone else watched it other than me. Yeah, fergie's was great too! I love the song she sang. It's slow and no upbeat but she still pulls it off!! And yeah, Josh i am interested.
  2. I LOVE the tam one!! I'm gonna change my av to that right now. Great colouring.
  3. Lol. You can probably find some of the performances on youtube. *searches* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj_OpucQtns - Carrie.
  4. You replied to me at 4am my time I was sleeping by then! Anyho! I've been good, how has Aaron been? Lol. Yeah, i've been good too! Watched the grammys last night - it was so good! Carrie and Rihanna's performances were really great. Rosey: Oh right! NOW that makes sense.
  5. Lol. I love her too. That reminds me, she hasn't come to the uk yet i don't think. lol. How have you only met her once?
  6. Lol. Erm i only know of Fergie performing, but i guess i'll see who else performs when i watch! Sister's eh? Well might watch Season 7 of That's 70 Show as i still haven't seen them all. Plus, i recently got Saved By The Bell Seasons 1 & 2 so watched a few of them earlier. And of course there's One Tree Hill, but i don't have many of Season 3 left (only up to Season 3) so i may save them seeing as Season 4 isn't out until April. Also, might watch an ep of Lost only up to Season 1 (i know i seem to be a few series behind everyone else ).
  7. Yeah, i'm good. Do you usually watch The Grammy's or am i the only one?
  8. That's good. Just on here, and maybe watching some Dvd's. Oh new Skins is on tonight so i'll be watching that, and want to see The Grammys too! I'm thinking there might be a clash tho. I'll have to check. How about you?
  9. Lol. Rosey you saying that 10 million times is not going to make it more active. You could have made it more active yourself by answering Shan's question. But you chose not to. So i will! Yeah, i am around Shan! How've you been? And how is everyone tonight? I have a week off a week before everyone else which is kinda stupid. But still it's time off.
  10. Okay, well i tried my best with it! Hope it's okay. http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r298/ae...aphics/0021.png ^^ put under a link seeing as it's quite big . It does seem like a story could be made involving them three. lol.
  11. Yeah, i can give it a try. Sounds like a challenge and i like a challenge.
  12. I love everything. Especially the first and fifth out of the last batch and the 2nd one of the latest batch.
  13. Jodi looks cool in glasses. Great colouring on all.
  14. These are really nice. Great cropping + colouring!
  15. . And i'm 3rd top poster! YAY. Oh and Drew i've finally you beat you in post counts.
  16. Love the cropping on these. And the colouring is good too.
  17. Aw, that's sucky. I've completed 5 of my exams now! Only 2 to go.
  18. *wonders where you are* :P

  19. ^^ love that song. Alfie - Lily Allen. "how the hell do you ever expect you'll get laid when all you do is play on your computer games "
  20. One month goes by and still on the same page. How's everyone tonight?
  21. Hehe ^^ I'm eating a hot cross bun i love them all year round .
  22. Love fourth best. All good though.
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