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  1. You don't like them? They are great.
  2. Moan - CIWWAF. LOVE this song.
  3. I'm here now. Anyone here?
  4. LOL. Ah right! :)

  5. Can you explain to me what your sig is about?

    It just seems so random. :P

  6. Story Title : Forever & Forever Type of fic : Long Fic BTTB Rating : T Genre : Romance/Comedy Spoilers? : No Characters? : Cassie & Jules + maybe others Okay, so it's time for a new fic. Basically main plot is: Cassie and Jules are together, but things keep getting in their way and people keep trying to break them up but whatever people come up with to try and break them apart it just pushes them further together into each other arms! Sound good?
  7. I'll have a go. I need something new to write! It'll have to just be a oneshot though!
  8. ^^ I love that song. The one you're listening to currently.
  9. These are great! Love first one, but all good.
  10. Guessing the teacher caught you.
  11. OMG. I love the cassie ones! And it's so great to see friends icons! I see like hardly any.
  12. Yeah. By then, I've usually got about 2 doonas on top of me. Eep. I'm in school. IST. Andits boilinggg in thisroom Do you have air conditioning in your classrooms?
  13. Isn't your icon by Cal? Not much.
  14. Just to catch you up on some speed Andy, BTTB BB 2007 now finished over 6 months ago *nudge nudge your sig. .
  15. Great cropping, colouring and facial expressions.
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