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  1. Yep, not much else on at the cinema at the moment.
  2. I'd be interested so i say go ahead.
  3. Great experimenting on them five! Good work.
  4. Lol. Yeah, but i'm back now. :)

  5. Love the first two sally ones.
  6. Hey Chrissie. :P

    Missing you! :)

  7. Hey Rach! =]

    Hope you're okay. :)

  8. Whoa, these are all amazing, the coloring is perfect! Mind if i save some? These are great Amy.
  9. I love Hilary Duff so i watched Raise Your Voice. Thought it was good mainly because Hilary was in it but yeah was a good film.
  10. These ones are really good! Great cropping.
  11. Hey, do you have any chance to talk? :)

  12. I'll have a go. I need something new to write! It'll have to just be a oneshot though! Sorry taking so long to do this, hopefully i can get it done today!
  13. Sounds good. Valli i like yours too, have to read it first before i can tell whether it's crap.
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