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  1. I love these! Colouring is so great.
  2. Yeah, i'm okay now! =]

    Just been playing on my Wii that i got yesterday! :)

  3. Hey, hows u? =]

  4. Nah don't mind. I mean we all learn from each other . Love the black and white one, and 3rd one.
  5. Hey, saw the mummy today! Was quite boring :P

    But nevertheless it was a day out lol. =]

    Hows you? :)

  6. Love the latest ones, you just keep getting better and better . I used to do that two picture thing glad to see you've started to do it now.
  7. Love the colouring on the new ones!
  8. Tuesday Morning - Michelle Branch.
  9. Hope you are okay. =]

  10. If You're Not The One - Daniel Bedingfield
  11. Just thought i'd say i'm gonna finish off Twenty Four Seven later in the year for you all to read it!
  12. Symptoms Of You - Lindsay Lohan.
  13. Hey, are you Olivia from West Hatch? :)

  14. Beat Of My Heart - Hilary Duff.
  15. Love the black and white ones.
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