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  1. Thanks for changing my email address! =]

  2. That option isn't there for me :/ just my luck lol.

    Can you ask Dan about it?

    I know! You could send an email to my new one?

  3. I have no idea how to do that :/ do you know? :)

  4. I forgot password to my old msn so lost the emails in the account, can i have your email again? :)

  5. Have a good day at school!! =]

  6. Yeah, i'm okay now! =]

    Just been playing on my Wii that i got yesterday! :)

  7. Hey, hows u? =]

  8. Hey, saw the mummy today! Was quite boring :P

    But nevertheless it was a day out lol. =]

    Hows you? :)

  9. Hope you are okay. =]

  10. Hey, are you Olivia from West Hatch? :)

  11. Lol. Yeah, but i'm back now. :)

  12. Hey Chrissie. :P

    Missing you! :)

  13. Hey Rach! =]

    Hope you're okay. :)

  14. Hey, do you have any chance to talk? :)

  15. LOL. Ah right! :)

  16. Can you explain to me what your sig is about?

    It just seems so random. :P

  17. *wonders where you are* :P

  18. WHERE are you? I may start calling you rachiepoo aswell if you're not on soon =P

  19. I do smell!! Very nice in fact ;]

    You however smell rather bad, *so that's what that bad smell was earlier* :P

  20. Howdy to you too! :P Hope you're having a great holiday. Missing you :(

    It's not been moved yet hehe :P

    new spoilers are really great!! :)

    Jules might be coming back! =D

    & it looks like J&M may get back together :P here's hoping :P

  21. Lol. I think i'm more than 10 days late this time! :P

    I'm good, doing everything in my power to make sure i'm not doing revision! :P

  22. Cal i think you should enter whatever the idea so people don't have a hard time guessing which is yours! :P Also i think you'll find that your latest post in the av contest thread is known as SPAMMING. :P

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