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  1. He must have had a lot of dentist work inside.
  2. so Bobby's death... While it was very sad it was also an anticlimax (like other things in the early years, for example Sophie's baby storyline for example). The episodes before it were difficult to watch with Bobby and Greg planning a future and another child etc. I bet the writers did that to make it worse for the viewers. However it focused on Greg too much. I would have liked to seen the reaction of you know SALLY!!!! and to see the true impact of Pippa and Alisa. While Fisher was good it was still annoying to watch Greg acting like this!!
  3. ummm... Silence again. So nice to hear what Carly, Steven, Frank, Sophie, Lou and you Know Rebecca Bobby's sister think of this tragic situation... Not.
  4. Its quite scary to think that I am really sad that we have reached this point with Bobby- Ever since we started the early years she has been one of the main character with only the second half of 1989 being a low point!! I wish she would just wake up....
  5. seen up to 1297 now and oh Boy its it difficult to hear Bobby and Greg planning to have a baby of their own knowing what is coming in the very next episode. THese writers did decide to make it as cruel as possible for the viewers!!!!!
  6. okay- When Adam returned in 1999 did he and Marilyn have much screentime together. I was thinking about how close they were in 1990/91 and I was thinking about them. Or had the Byron story started by then which spelled the end of Emily in that stint?
  7. Don't we all!!! Its nice to see Bobby and Greg getting along if only for Sam's sake! As I recall this must be Adam's
  8. Yeah I think its a pity with Laura as well. Its now really scary how close we are to I doubt 7Two or any of us thought we would reach that far. To put it in context
  9. At this point I'm convinced that they made Tina sign a two year contract in the middle of 1992 when she was proving to be quite decent in the role and now everyone else in her age range as gone they cannot afford to exit her contract
  10. you know only knowing snippets of what happened before the early years came along I thought that Greg was the evil monster and Bobby was the victim in everything and her response was reasonable. HOWEVER despite Greg being an idiot and cheating on Bobby I cannot help but feel sorry for Him and not Bobby! Bobby was hurt I grant you but using Sam like this is not wise and downright nasty Talking of pointless characters has Nick done anything recently???
  11. I have enjoyed the happy home and away that we have seen in the past few weeks since the beginning of 1993 (baring the shane dramas) but as people have said next week we go into the the second third of the season which I think starts with and sadly ending with the which I'm now 100% certain that the producers knew about now and were planning it!!!
  12. I have to agree Sophie. 1993 is another reset year for me (along with 1990) and its slightly new to me either.
  13. Now that Karen and Sophie and Lou are gone can we finally leave David Croft behind us? Lets look to the future with Luke, Roxy, Sarah three of the greatest characters ever!!!
  14. Fantastic Update- I never Knew Angel had a third child!!!! Great to see photos alongside these as well!!!
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