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  1. Not happy at all about all this, the Christmas holidays is usually where we close the gap because channel 5 only takes a two week break!! I don't understand why it has to be a four week break never has been in the past so why should this year be any different because the Summer gap was the same as every year? Neighbours finishes a week after on the 20th and starts back a week earlier on the 6th. Why can't Channel 5 break both together and then start both at the same time in 2014?
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  3. Got a lovely reply from Robert Mammone yesterday - he sent a personally signed cast card and a little note
  4. Do they use the same motel room for Harvey and Hayley or do they just look exactly the same?
  5. Recieved my first Home and Away fancard last friday - it was from Shane Withington and it was personally signed. Also included was a letter from the office assistant! I sent the letter around April so it was a quick response. Now hoping that I get the same response from the others I've sent to.
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