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  1. thank you for your latest update. I am praying that Brax does not go to jail. I am hoping that what Ryan did will outweigh what Brax did. After all Brax was only defending Charlie. Johns evidence will help as well. I think Charlie and Brax should invest in some hair creame..... not for Brax to use but to put on their bedroom door handle I look forward to seeing what happens next.
  2. Paige and Riley were soo cute in their sleepover with Mum. Glad that Brax was released after one night. It was funny when Ruby was asking Charlie what wanted to be called when Ruby has her baby. it is not unusual for grandchildren to call their grandparents by their name in Australia. I look forward to your next chapter.
  3. Thank you for your two updates. Althought Tegan is letting Brax and Charlie have her baby I wioould not trust her until they have taken the baby home. I would not trust Tegan as far as I could throw her. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.
  4. Shame on Ryan...it is him that should be locked up. Hope he stays away from Charlie but I bet the ratbag won't. Ryan tried to assult Charlie and has been stalking her so hopefully that will go aginst him. I wonder if he assaulted Bianca. She was so drunk that night she was at the bar with Brax she would not have known anything. Looking forward to seeing what happens next. If Brax is jailed Charlie will have to bake him a cake with a file in iti!!!!!
  5. When I read that Ryan was hassling Charlie I thought oh no. I am glad that John rescued her. If they decide to go to the police at least Johns evedence that Ryan has been seen lurking around Charlie and Braxs house in a suspicous manner will go in Braxs favour. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
  6. I am glad that Charlie told Ruby the truth. It will be a shock when Brax and his brothers find out that Ruby is Charlies daughter and not her sister. I think when Brax and Heath find out why they left the bay they will forgive them. When Bianca hinted that there was more behind the Bucktons leaving than they knew I got the feeling that Heath would forgive them dispite how angry he was at the hospital. I would not be surprised if they "bumped" into each other at the beach. I have enjoyed every minute of this story even though when Elsie and Ross were killed it brought a lump to my throat. I look forward to your next update.
  7. What a reunion between Charlie and Brax. I wonder how both Brax and Heath will feel when they find out why Charlie and her family had to leave. I think it might cause a few problems between Charlie and Ruby. The cat is certainly out of the bag with the way Leah, Martha and Bianca kept in touch with Charlie over the years. I look forward to your next update.
  8. What a chapter. I can understand why Jack was like he was when he met up with Charlie at the station. I wonder if his attitude will change when he finds out why Charlie and her family left in the first place. When Casey got home and was talking to Brax I felt like shouting at he screen tell him about Charlie !!! But I guess we will have to wait a little while. I look forward to reading more.
  9. That was a surprise that Ryan might be just be Bellas dad. Oh dear.Glad that Brax is caring so well for Charlie. Enjoy your family time.
  10. I had to read first then come back and comment. What a heartbreaking start with Elsie and ross dying in such sad circumstances. Brought tears to my eyes. Brax still loves charlie that is obvious. I wonder if he told his girlfriend about Charlie. I hope he did. i am wondering what will happen when they meet up again. looking forward to what happens next.
  11. I thought Ryan was jealous of Brax but I did not think that he would try and attack Charlie. I am glad she decided to go back with Brax in the begining after he came out of prison. I am glad Brax rescued Charlie. wouldn't surprise me if Ryan goes to the police and claims Brax attacked him he is that much of a low life. Hope Charlie gets through this and Brax and Ruby help her. I think this would be the spur that makes Brax propose in the distant future. Thank you again.
  12. HaHa Riley interupting Charlie and Brax getting some personal time :wub: Please continue. When I come on this site yours is the first story I check to see if it is updated. I am looking forward to seeing if Chax get hitched.....
  13. I am glad that Brax talked to Charlie about marriage. He needed to explain to her about why he had bad feelings on getting married. I am glad he didn't have a drink when Ryan tried to wind him up. Riley is definetly a Braxton. Falling off her bike and getting back on in a blink of an eye. I can't wait to see what happens next.
  14. What a ratbag Ryan is I hope Charlie did not go there. I think Ryan is lying because he is jealous of Brax. He probably dislikes Brax becuase Charlie chose Brax rather than him. I hope Brax realises this and doesn't react too badly. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
  15. This story just gets better and better even if at times Charlie and Brax have had a few problems. Jacob was so sweet when he got Ash to talk. I hope Brax marries Charlie for all the right reasons. Nothing would surprise me if they gor hitched in Hawaii if they get there. Look forward to reading more.
  16. Oh dear Jacob that wasn't very nice. hope he will soon be back to treating Brax like his dad again. wonder if it will spur Brax into proposing to Charlie. Look forward to the next update.
  17. I have just caught up with your story. What a rollercoaster ride Charlie and Brax have had. I wonder how he will feel when he sees Charlie and if he finds out the truth as to why Charlie and her family left. I look forward to reading more.
  18. I loved the wedding. Thought at first that it was Charlie and Brax. I get the feeling that if they got wed it wouldn't be a big ceremony just them the children and a marriage celebrant plus a few family and friends and it would be on the beach. Look forward to reading more.
  19. Yippee !!!!!!!! I am so glad that Brax is not the father. It was a bit naughty of Brax to be disappointed that he was not Bellas dad. He has two of his that so far he not really a good dad too. I know he has had problems and has been in rehab but now he should front up and start being a dad even if he and Charlie are not together at the moment. He seems to be better with Jacob but is he like some men prefer children when they are not babies but toddler or older. Thank you for the story so far. I am enjoying it. Looking forward tp seeing what happens next.
  20. I am hoping and praying that isabella is not Braxs. If she was it would ruin Charlie and Braxs relationship for good. I am enjoying your story even though I am on tenterhooks on who Isabellas dad is. it is good that Bianca is teaching her daughter a second language. I am looking forward to the next chapter.
  21. I am glad to see Brax and Charlie starting to get along better. I hope its the begining of them starting to get back together. Thank you for the last few chapters. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next. I am enjoying your story.
  22. The suspense is a killer. I am hoping that Biancas baby is not Braxs. Look forward to your next update. I can understand why Charlie is so off with Bianca and in one way why she won't let Brax stay. Glad to see brax fight the urge not to drink.
  23. I hope Bianca isn't pregnant with Braxs baby. Poor Charlie after they have gone through and Bianca thinks Brax is the father. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
  24. What a lovely end to a lovely story. It was nice to see Charlie and Brax soo happy. Thank you.
  25. oooo I hope does not have a Bianca has a cuckoo in the oven and is not pregnant . Good to see Jacob go to see Brax and not be scared of Brax. I hope the future is rosier for Charlie and Brax :wub: . Looking forward to reading more.
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