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  1. I am glad that Charlie and Brax had that baby talk. They both needed to clear the air and to explain to each other about how they felt about another child. I loved the end when Brax dunked Charlie into the water. Very funny. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
  2. Thank you for two cracking chapters. I did not now what to expect when I read that Brax heard a gunshot. Lee was a big dirt bag and deserved to be shot. I hope all is fine with Charlie after she is questioned by her bosses. I am glad that Romeo was there for Ruby. After that ratbag Lee she deserves someone good in her life. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
  3. Thank you for another amazing update. I am glad that Brax was there for Charlie and Connor. But words fail me with Angelo. He is getting a bigger pillock day by day. How he can blame for Connor for his sisters death is beyond belief. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
  4. Thank you for a couple of great chapters. Brax and Charlie on their minimoon When the rejoined Ruby and others was funny especially Paige called his Tattoos scribbles. It was nice to see them have some family fun in the pool. But I wonder who will draw the short straw and tell Jacob about the birds and the bees !!!!!!!!
  5. What a ratbag Angelo is. Fancy blaming Connor for the death of Lily. I wish Charlie had slapped him hard when he said that. Thank you for another amazing story. I am glad that Ruby is planning on letting Tony and Rachael adopt her baby. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
  6. I am glad that Tegan kept her word and gave Brax and Charlie her baby. Noahs name is lovely. I thought the children at the wedding were cute. Glad to see that Ruby and Casey are now good friends. I am curious as to why they are moving to Perth. Could it be something to do with Charlies Aunty Michelle. I am sorry that your story is ending but I have enjoyed every minute of it. I look forward to reading the final chapters.
  7. I am glad that Ruby told Charlie why she left Lee. He is a ratbag. Her reaction to Rubys plans to have an abortion are understandable given what we can guess about Lily. Typical of Colleen with her loose lips. I am glad that Irene shut her up. I look forward to seeing what happens next epsecially when Ruby finds out about Lily. Charlie and Ruby have got a long way to go before they make their peace.
  8. Thank you for another brilliant chapter. There is not much more that i can say. It was nice that the children were involved in the ceremony. Jacob was good at being the ring bearer. The girls encouraging Mum and Dad to kiss again was good. Thank you again.
  9. Tegan is a witch. Pity she could not have been honest to Brax about the baby. Thank you for the update. I look forward to reading more.
  10. I have just caught up with your two updates. Boy is Angelo a ratbag. Going into work when he is supposed to be looking after his son. I look forward to seeing what happens between Charlie and Brax.
  11. There is only one word for that Chapter..... Brilliant. Can't wait for the wedding.
  12. Poor ruby getting raped. I wonder how Charlie will react when she finds out. Maybe it will kickstart her and Charlie getting their problems sorted out. i look forward to reading more and were you takie this story.
  13. ooooooo I liked the new update. Leaving us on a cliffhanger. Charlie is going to be in for one big surprise. I can't wait for what happens next.
  14. I hope you had a good holiday Danni. Thank you for two brilliant updates. I hope Paige is going to have a speedy recovery. Charlie is going to have one very big surprise when Braxs plans come good. I think we will certainly have some loved up chax then I look forward to reading your next update.
  15. An intriguing start to your new story. I look forward to reading your next update.
  16. Thank you for two amazing updates. It was good to see Ruby help Brax buy the rings for Charlie. I hope Paige gets better soon. I shall look forward to your next update. Have a good holiday.
  17. i am glad that Brax only got a good behaviour bond and a fine. I just get the feeling that he is going to propose in Hawaii and it just be them and the children when they wed. Jacob giving Charlie away might be cute. :wub: i look forward to your next update. I really am enjoying your story. It is the first one on here I look at to see if it has been updated. Thank you.
  18. Thank you for two great chapters. Yippee they got the children back and Liam has done the right thing by his son Ash by asking Bianca to become his gaurdian. Very funny when the kids asked for sprinkles and sauce they day after Charlie and Brax had some fun the night before :wub: It was nice to see them have a family day oout after all that has gone on. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
  19. After several rollercoaster chapters were I had my doubts at times that they would get the children back. That Lara was one tough cookie. Maybe she should have said sorry to Riley. Riley was certainly cross that she had been seperated from her parents. She would be a good match for Lara. It was lovely to read about the reunion between Chax and the children. Brax helping the children tickle charlie at the end was brilliant. :wub: I look forward to seeing what happens next. Especially looking forward to seeing what happens in Hawaii......
  20. Sorry I have not commented in a while. Loving your story. It was dreadful that Charlie and Brax have had the kids taken off them. Hopefully now that Liam has done the right thing by going to the police not only will he get the help he deserves and even better Charlie and Brax get their children back. i look forward to reading the next chapter.
  21. Oh dear. Brax does a decent thing and lets Liam stay with them and this happens. I don't know how this will end as Charlie lost Jacob when he was a baby because of drugs hidden in her home. I hope Liam does the decent thing and admits they were his. Thankfully Bianca saw him with the drugs. I look forward to your next update. I hope Charlie and Brax will be alright and that Paige pulls through.
  22. Thank you for several wonderful updates. AHhh, Paige is certainly a mummy's girl. she might change as she gets older. Paige getting Brax to dres up in a feather boa and tiara was very funny. A good image not to get out of your head. I hope Liam will come to his senses and go to the police. But he is so angry about what happened to Bianca you can't blame him. I look forward to reading your next update.
  23. Thank you for two excellent updates. I hope the way she was conceived does not affect the way Bianca treats her lovely daughter Bella. Bella truly is scrumptious and very well written. Watson was not very objective when she deals with Brax. Thankfully Patrick has his head on the right way. I look forward to seeing what happens next. I hope bioth Brax and Liam don't get jail time for what they did to Ryan. Ryan deserved it. I will look forward to seeing where you go next.
  24. thank you for a brilliant update. I am glad that Brax was able to listen to Charlie when she told them why they had to leave the bay. When Charlie told him that Ruby was her daughter and why her parents had raised her he was understanding. I did wonder given the fact that Cheryl had abandoned him and his brothers he would not understand. I was so glad that he did. I wonder how Ella will react when she finds out who Charlie is and what she means to Brax.. I am looking forward to when you next update to see what happens next.
  25. Olivia is so cute. Brax is such a good "dad" to Ruby. I still have misgivings about Tegan. I am glad that Ruby is coming to terms with Charlies decision to raise Tegans baby with Brax. I think they will make a super family. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
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