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  1. I just caught up with several chapters, and was very impressed. I like the way that you keep time constant for each character. Your characterization is really very effective and means I can see the people you are writing abut in my head really clearly as if they were real people. I like to be able to do that. I wont leave it so long before catching up next time.
  2. I am delighted that Irene is at long last getting a story line, even if we do have to wait several weeks for the next installment I thought that the scenes in The Diner when she was telling Lou about her alcoholism were just sensational, and as usual Lynne nailed them to perfection. I really do not know what to make of Lou at all, I want to think he is the nice bloke that Alf, Leah and all of the others seem to believe, and that this is actually going to be a lovely romantic interlude for Irene. Then I remember that this IS Irene, and that she has the worlds worst luck with men and is fated to be burned in love. I am worrying for her already. That wife or soon to be ex wife looks like she could be trouble with a capital T as well. But whatever happens, the bottom line is that I am over the moon that Lynne gets to have a a decent time in the limelight again. She deserves it.
  3. Jessica Tovey's acting has been some of the best, if not the best that I have seen form a young actor on the show in a long time. She throws herself into everything heart and soul. She lives it and makes you believe everything that the character is saying, feeling and thinking. Belle is going through the wringer at the moment and Jess is making me believe every single thing. She is just fabulous.
  4. If you have been treated like dirt all of your life by your mother and pretty much been treated like **** at shcool, which Melody will have been, then she won't have much reason to feel magnanimous and all sweetness and light towards everyone now that she has broken free, and why should she? Until Geoff and Miles rescued her they all laughed at her and called her names. She isnt being very likable that's for sure, and she has all sorts of problems going on and she is making up for all sorts in being rebellious now. I don't think she thinks she is better than any one else, I think she thinks she is pretty damn worthless and when people feel like that they do others down to try and make them selves feel better, the trouble is it never works. Its all entertaining though, and I like the fact Miles gets to be a foster parent like Sally. But when did the social worker come and approve him?
  5. They were very solid and realistic Cal, I do agree. I think the minute Barry arrived it was obvious at some level they would end up together. They had a connection even when they appeared to hate each other, just like Jack and Martha I felt Barry just somehow lost that haunted look with Irene; he was no longer in his self inflicted prison as he allowed himself to love and be loved for the first time in years and it was so tender and touching that it made him so much human. She made him. He also balance her in a funny sort of way, by challenging her when she went off the deep end, and being there whenever she went into bat whether it was advised or ill advised. I was heartbroken when he left, more for the fact that they split them up than anything else. If they ever pair Irene up with any one else, it will not be the same at all.
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