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  1. Very nice here got to 81 F did some time in the Pool great day,
  2. Nice for the rest of the week in the 70s F
  3. Thunderstorms yesterday more rain today 71 F the high today
  4. rain later which is a relief of all the heat we had been in the 90s F here in my part of the USA
  5. Edward yes many stars who have both talents hope that their music fans will take a look at their acting and also they hope the fans of the show or character fans will listen to their hits. A win both ways hopefully. I think many would love to see more Kylies.
  6. I think many who have both Music and acting hope both will lead to more success.
  7. Nice today rain returns tomorrow 59 F the high today
  8. Yes I think a lot of people want a happy ending with characters yet real life interferes. This is a SPOLIER I had a few years ago with a source after a character left a series....I was told they were glad to leave and I replied "I don't blame her they destroyed her storyline" and they claimed the actor had no problem with the writing as they didn't want to be part of the show as they had to deal with the fan base both good and bad........why they never came back having loathe their short time on the series much like Melissa George yet that actor wont say it in public. So Time will tell how it affects H&A
  9. I ask myself that a lot seeing other shows treat actors the same. I put the blame on both the writers and actor. I do know one actor had issues and I have a theory they didn't care how they were written which ruined this character. This may be that as well .
  10. QUESTION? I wonder how many of you here have been liked or thanked on Twitter or Facebook............I understand it would be a better way for stars to communicate IF it is them? I know from talking to friends here in America who have met actors at events and get OK to add on their accounts........ I know I got 2 autographs years ago here by asking online that way? Reason I bring this topic up someone on FB posted she had PM a former Aussie star who appeared on H&A and another Mate Down under replied "Good luck on that?" As I don't do fan mail anymore I'm not to disappointed yet I'm upset when I read some pages and I have noticed the difference between a sincere post by a star and PR from an agent.............I think actors should be responsible and prevent fake accounts yet I know how the business works now, I never forgive what a source told me that an agent posted for a famous Aussie hero I had. Very disappointed........I was told by someone fans should get over wanting to be added or liked on pages............That goes back to something I was told at an event herein America years ago actors wanting it both ways......Yes sometimes they blame their agents and people around them yet Its their character how they want to be? I'm sorry I do not have anymore To give away the only H&A I have left is personally signed as are the few Neighbours and others I have.
  11. Not everyone can be a Nicole Kidman as I told people on forums many times. And as for the story Actors sometimes don't have any say in how they are to act in a situation..............I was impressed to read one actor regretted being a villain and although late at least they accept they could done better............Sadly when you play a bad character you going to get negative feedback from fans. yet we should know its just a show and not real............... Any hate toward an actor without they do something stupid like act awful in public, rude to fans or refuse fan mail isn't a good thing. Yes they are worse people out there, Maybe the actor she not happy with what she has to do but is a team player, That's what I think.
  12. Not very well liked in online posts as well. As a former source told me shows want to cast reality stars and models for their looks............ As for good talent its rare............I'm sure many want to be the next Melissa George or Margot Robbie. That's the danger of hyping someone up and they don't live up to many fans standards That can be said for many performers,
  13. That's why I suggested Alf help set up a tour Summer bay with a Helicopter tour build a new beach resort which would add some storylines and create jobs for the younger cast. That's what I do. I agree with you view c120701
  14. I'm not followers and toward the end I kind of picked up it was for fun, yet some comment were not nice and given April fools I should picked up yet...........
  15. Wow mad it seem real as I'm guess now its April fools over there. If that a fake then IF I was a certain actor I would confront someone for something on TV week. That was out of line. I too know one actor agent posted for them so yes its easy to be fooled.
  16. Well after reading more of the insults it might look that way Yet what he said about a former costar on TV WEEK is not nice.
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