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  1. Looks like Jackie made a good career choice and unlike other actors seems content and happy at her situation.
  2. That's one reason I do not like seeing other actors in a role. they have a different take on it. though I know that very popular Down Under having new actors come into a well known character.
  3. Im very pleased to hear that. good on you.
  4. (NEW CROSSOVER story idea) Hello, I am working on a story idea that would combine both the H&A current cast and some Neighbours in a crossover comedy like story. I at 1st was going to do something like BLUE HEELERS yet I though something less dark would be more fun. as the 2 main characters in the adventure will NOT be related to anyone in the 2 shows I like to hear who you think I should use the most and who be fun for the newcomers to come in contact with?
  5. By the lack of silence here I am guessing the situation with fan mail still the same no replies! Sad I wonder if cards being sold might make the show stop sending them as they did in the past. I gave up after 2011 and H&A was the last show that was nice to me. 90% of the Aussie stars I asked have been very nice and polite and there is only a few Im disappointed in as they are hard to contact and sadly DO NOT WISH to be bothered. With social media you think things would be better some like a Trek actor here in the USA and a former Neighbours had a link on thier pages to ask for an Autograph. What a cool idea. yet another neighbours has a "fake" webpage which ruined my trust. The rejection from Down under plus bad luck not only here in the USA but Canada and the UK ended my love of collecting autographs. I never get over the rejection of fan mail from one star and they be hard feelings forever. It be nice to hear some good news here not only for H&A yet other shows
  6. Ray departure would be the same as Alan or Jackie leaving on Neighbours. Although the show would continue it never the be same. I guess that what he wants to do celebrate that and then tell eveyone "Its been fun"
  7. Spot on If he was to go they loose many fans and it hurt the show. To add from what I hear fans on social media not too pleased not only with H&A but Aussie TV in general with its current stories and talent.
  8. Thunderstorms earlier some later as well into the weekend 86 F
  9. You knows what can happen. You can ask Neighbours how they handled breaking news Actors leaving without notice with everyone thinking they would come back. Ray could decide to leave and Im sure they ask him to stay. Yet working on a series is hard on older actors and even younger ones.
  10. Probably will happen he replaces Alf
  11. I think when he retires it proves H&A a new generation now.
  12. Good on you mate! Social media has its good and bad times and if it wasn't for me being isolated as I live in a rural part of America and in clubs I wouldnt be online
  13. Fans are so cruel on Facebook and I understand new characters are always viewed different than established favs. I agree what were they thinking with that name!
  14. Rain this morning Windy and nice now 81 F thunderstorms this weekend.
  15. I had a rude encounter last week on Facebook with an Aussie page. Im sad to say their reaction proved some of the negative and sad views I have about how things are being done Down Under. I tell a story and as I always said it depends on the person. Here what happen in both the USA and Down Under. USA I once talked to an actress here in America and I discovered she and her mate loved sports and as I went to games I offered some gifts and she agreed to allow me to send one package to them. She posted her agents address in Hollywood and I mailed her a small parcel of sports items. A week later she PM me on Facebook and thanked me. I offered the same to someone Down Under and I was told "They do not accept items from fans!" Even just for one time Another person said if I sent something to the show it might be given to them? yet all my favs left and as Home & Away told me they do NOT forward mail. Although my situation is sad I do hear from many others who have good encounters.
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