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  1. samdanfan

    Latest UK Episode Discussion (2006-2017 Seasons)

    Im upset and hurt at some things that happen to me and the deleted posts here as bad as when I was on the Neighbours forums. Read my post I made Thanks for your support.
  2. samdanfan

    Latest UK Episode Discussion (2006-2017 Seasons)

    Thanks for you reply as I be leaving the forum soon. I miss the old days
  3. samdanfan

    Latest UK Episode Discussion (2006-2017 Seasons)

    So she going to be their version of Neighbours super doctor karl?
  4. samdanfan

    Home and a way fan mail address

    Good luck that was the last reply I got from Down Under using that address. Yet that was in 2011 as I gave up fan mail.
  5. samdanfan

    7TWO Transmission Discussion

    This topic will be closed by me for now on this page
  6. samdanfan

    7TWO Transmission Discussion

    I LOVE to yet legal action would be taken. Of course Im sure many of you still can enjoy the fandom both in Summer bay and elsewhere? I for one have mixed feelings. I love to have back what i once had yet may you not lose that if you have it.
  7. samdanfan

    7TWO Transmission Discussion

    They were the ones who stopped talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kind??? THEY DESPISE DEALING with US!!!! why do you think they left Ramsey Street . The real reason they stopped is the Actor found out they were talking to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im NOT happy and there is hard feelings. You right they dont like me anymore and the feeling mutual. To quote and ex neighbour "I hope they rot in hell" They scare I tell some things. You view is shared by others which is sad as they still fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry its a sore issue for me Yes only trust if its confirmed
  8. samdanfan

    7TWO Transmission Discussion

    DO NOT believe anything!
  9. samdanfan

    7TWO Transmission Discussion

    i wished alot of things would be like that time. things now are not so wonderful. Well My point is its almost impossible to get a nice reply anymore. They was a time a few years ago people were more open and friendly now they too ( cant use the word Rude. And Im not impressed.
  10. samdanfan

    Latest UK Episode Discussion (2006-2017 Seasons)

    Im not an Aussie yet you dont go in the bush without supplies!
  11. samdanfan

    7TWO Transmission Discussion

    Yes things have changed! It not only Melbourne with CH 10 its also happen to Sydney and now QLD. people Will NOT talk anymore. Yes they shut you up in a second. people I use to chat with now longer do and I lost many over the years. I NEVER though Down under would be as bad as us Americans yet sadly some are. Its sad I loved Down Under and though the world of Aussies and 90% are good and kind and friendly. as I been told for every bad Aussie there is 10 good ones. many of you here prove that point. Yet the bad ones have done alot of damage as I found out what some people were like in real life and it ruined my image of you as great. Here is a example. the email from my source which ended a 6 year friendship 2010 Melbounre "The Trust betrayal did changes things ennormously, Only the family ( Not even her closest friends) knew about her knocking back the Rafters role...I did tell you it was confidential and not to say anything at the time and you promised...but then you put it on the forums for thousands to read and the conseqences of that were profound and we are still being suffered by me to this day! Im sure you understand that I cannot share anything at all with anyone" NAME not shared! To be fair said person moved from Melbounre to Sunbury and promised to contact me and other back which they did not so there for I felt no reason to honor any promised as I assumed as I was told to find another HERO and sources! In 2012 I was took to the Police station here in America and told NOT to talk about other things they told me as I told another forum some things. Yes They have covered up things.
  12. samdanfan

    What's The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Very humid here 98 F
  13. samdanfan

    7TWO Transmission Discussion

    Things have changed over the years . One series here in America has a STRICT NO policy of leaking info and the same can be said for H&A and of course Neighbours which is why I lost someone in Melbourne and I can tell you people are scared to talk now . If some says they have sources and makes that public You can bet they be warned NOT to say things as I was.
  14. samdanfan

    7TWO Transmission Discussion

    Some cant and I understand how you feel. I lost access and know how things have changed over the last few years. I and another bloke in Melbourne was threaten they are that bad. .
  15. samdanfan

    Actors you would like cast in Home And Away?

    My wish is that Debra would try to get her fellow Please like Me cast to visit Summer bay. I like to see Josh Thomas and Catlin Stacy on the bay plus some have found work I read.

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