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About Me

Hey, I am Alex.

  • I am transgender, I was born a female and am currently one year into my transition for the rest of my life. I am happy, and have future plans for myself. 
  • I am mid-way through my application to join the New Zealand Defence Force, my force chosen being the New Zealand Army. I plan to join Infantry, and later trade into being a Driver, and hopefully some day give back to the Youth Development program that helped me pave a way into what I want to do. 
  • I volunteer at my local zoo, I love it. All the animals are just great, beautiful. And it's the best little zoo in the world. 😉 No lie.
  • Cheetahs are my favourite animal, especially Charlie from the zoo. - In which I am getting a half sleeve done of his face later this year on my upper arm. 
  • I have one tattoo already, the outline of NZ on my right forearm. 
  • I love to write, I roleplay and play games where I can create characters. I roleplay Arrow on twitter.
  • i work for the railways in Wellington as a passenger operator 

Those are little things about my life, things I am okay with sharing. 

Here are some things I like about Home and Away

  • Never ending summer! I swear in about a year I've seen it rain twice or three. 
  • Character development of Hunter, and a few other characters. 
  • Their way of changing your views on your favourite character (Yes I'm sniping because of you... you know who you are.)


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