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  1. I've been gone. I've moved home, and stuff but I'm back with all new Zac/Leah content. I MISS THEM SO MUCH.

  2. Sorryyyyyyy. A busy year. Getting a laptop soon. Haven’t watch H&A since my mum passed away — we watched together so it’s been hard. But yeah, I’m coming back soon. I’m working too so it’s slow return. 

  3. I’m alive. I’m around. Hi. 

  4. Zac and Leah will always be OTP. Even if I don't like him much right now. 

  5. No more show related names, no longer ZacxLeah. :0

  6. On the war path

    One shot 


    Cyclone story to be updated soon. 

  7. Omg. What is happening, better not be happening! :o ZAC >.>



  9. Updating Cost of Love is killing me... So torn on where to take it. I need to finish it pretty soon, but don't want it to seem so rushed.

  10. I'm back! :wub: 

    Sorry for disappearing, I hadn't been feeling Home and Away and my fan fic so I took some time away to collect my thoughts and have come to the conclusion (when I get there) of my story. Regular updates so I can get it done before August, as I'll be in the military thing for 6 weeks :ph34r:


  11. Such a short damn chapter... Too short for my liking. :<_<


  12. I have a plan for next chapter already, but headache and toothache so can't write it. I just wanna sleep. Wish the rain would go away on the other hand too. 

  13. My cat is so unbelievably jumpy. It's beginning to worry me, like asleep next to mum and the next minute she's flying up and across the room, her face terrified.

  14. Am so unbelievably cross. I was just about to hit post when my computer turned off, and I didn't even get a chance to save it word too. :(

  15. This story I am already having good vibes about it, but I already have my big shock planned that happens later on. And much later on. Possibly more chapters than A Target To Love.

  16. Caught up on Thirteen, now to rest! And settled on a new avatar. Lovely kisses :wub:

    Night all!

  17. Had been working on a story for the past week up until Wednesday, when my harddrive on my computer decided to kill itself and die. I am on an older computer that takes me awhile to type on, because it likes to delete words on me. <_< But, am promising to be writing up something soon. :)

    Today, tomorrow perhaps.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. InfantryAlex


      Five years!

      Awe and thank you, for the confidence in my writing.

      I've posted it, :blush: I'm quite happy with it, could only post as much as I could before this computer ate the post. :angry:

    3. Ludub


      Oh cool! Gonna go read now! Your computer trouble does not sound fun! :(

    4. InfantryAlex


      I was hoping to find a cheap one, but for what I use it for it's best I save up for a better one. Since gaming is important. :P

      I'm finally catching up on your story now :blush:


  18. So you are only allowed to create two fanfics??? I am so confused.

    1. Kristen


      My understanding is you can write as many fanfics as you want. As long as you don't have more then ten unfinished ones in the vault.

    2. InfantryAlex


      Ah! Thanks for that! 

  19. I am done with A Target Of Love. Can't believe it's finished! 

  20. Now to catch up on Thirteen, as I kinda hid from other stories while trying my best to get my chapter right! :wub:

  21. That was the most crappy update I've ever done. :angry:

  22. I'm stuck on the story. Will be writing it soon, my internet keeps crashing.

  23. Itching to update the story. But then that means it'll be closer to being done. :(


  24. Finally... Updated my story. Long as weekend, friends dog got put down so been dealing with that too. Such a lovely dog. 

    But I have plans for A Target For Love before I finish it, and I think the way it will end will be worth it. Chapter nineteen up too, chapter 25 perhaps will be the final chapter, I think. :wub:

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