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  1. Sad this is over! I loved it so much. I am so happy for Chax they are amazing!! Had a feeling Romeo would propose, so glad he did! Also so happy for Heath and bianca, they'll be amazing parents again
  2. Nawwwww Maya! I think Brax will absolutely love being called dad.
  3. I think I know what Romeo is doing!!! I can hear wedding bells I love it!!! Can't wait!
  4. Fantastic couple of chapters! Theo is adorable. Worried that Heath has a hidden agenda! Can't wait for more xx
  5. Love the name Theo! Loving Chax right now too so cute!
  6. Loved it!! Glad for Chax and Heath and bianca! It is all going really well for them xxx
  7. Awesome couple of chapters! Loved Chax time! They make such a cute little family xxx
  8. Loved it all! Thanks so much Danni can't wait for more xx
  9. Awwwww Chax were so cute!!!!! I love it!!!! Can't wait for more xxx
  10. Awesome chapter! So happy brax is home, loved Maya's reaction! Glad Bianca and Heath are getting along
  11. Glad Charlie knows about the pregnancy. Poor Ruby I feel so bad for her having to go through this and not knowing what to do. Thanks Danni xxx
  12. Poor little Ben, kids can be so cruel Think Ruby needs to tell Charlie soon!!
  13. I'm also glad for Heath and Bianca! Can't wait for Brax to come back xxx thanks Danni !!
  14. Glad for Heath and Bianca hope it goes well. felt so sad for little Maya, can't wait for brax to come back and cheer her up
  15. Awesome chapter!!! Loved the Chax conversation. Charlie loves him it's amazing! Can't wait for more xx
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