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  1. I was thinking of Charlie Buckton. She was hugely popular in her time, and I can't believe she picked up zero points when you look at who is at the lower ends of the poll. I thought Dean had already been included, so I missed him in my deductions
  2. I didn't read any of the voting as it happened, but I think I've worked out who the top 10 are. Eight of them aren't really a surprise, since they are iconic characters who usually dominate the top 10 or so (not a criticism, since I voted for three of them!) One of them is a current character, since we know there was only regular who didn't score any votes (it's obvious by now that's Ari), but I didn't think this regular would be a top 10 character. The last one I'm only 95% about - she was hugely popular back in her time, so I doubt she would get zero votes when you look at w
  3. Matt Wilson never really appeared regularly from the beginning. His appearances were quite sporadic for the first 100ish episodes, then he was added to the opening credits and then left a few weeks later. That is the big mystery that makes no sense to me In the early days, Tom and Pippa were the central characters so they probably wanted to separate them from the rest of the cast. That makes sense. All except Matt Wilson appeared in the official original cast photo too and Lance, Martin, Roo and and Don were probably more prominent than Neville and Floss in th
  4. I've been re-watching some of the classic H&A episodes on 7Plus lately, which got me thinking: Joel Nash is a character that could have kept chugging in the "dependable cop" role for years (for those who have seen A Country Practice, think Frank Gilroy!). He also grew up in Summer Bay, which means Alf could have shared his role as the Alf to be an authority on local history, and as head of Summer Bay House and with his role as the local police officer, he was the perfect candidate to take in waifs and strays. He also seemed to have great interactions and rapport with many of the other loca
  5. I would have said Colby, Jasmine, Mackenzie or Ari. I imagine Colby gas lost most of his fans in the last few months when voting was taking place
  6. I have been re-watching the classic episodes of Home and Away on 7Plus as they are only available for 7 more weeks and watched the episode where Robert Perez burns down the Nash house with them inside and kidnaps Natalie. That could me thinking about how the early years had some of the great memorable villains. Saul Bennett, Dodge and Robert are easily my three top H&A villains in terms of their evilness. Even 20-25 years later, I still remember the reign of terror all three characters brought to the show. The "middle years", which I consider to be 2000 - 2010, had some memorable vil
  7. Iconic villains and bad boys were few and far between back then too, whereas now characters like Dodge and Revhead would probably be regulars and pushed as the stars of the show
  8. It was earlier for me. I'd say the Kane/Kirsty stuff in early 2002 was what did it for me Max was a great addition, but Brodie was not. I couldn't stand her.
  9. I still struggle to forgive the writers for Jade's exit. Not only was it completely unnecessary, but it also made no sense given the writers had already established the "telepathic link". I also don't know too much about twins, but would Shelley and Rhys have known if they were having identical or fraternal twins? There were plenty of other ways to write out Jade without doing that too - she was already going off the rails after Seb's exit and Duncan's return..
  10. In hindsight, you're probably right. I guess the problem was that Kate Ritchie left in early 2008, so the producers probably wanted to keep Leah as a young long-termer and perhaps even to replace Sally as the show's "darling". No one knew what sort of impact Sally's departure would have on the show, so I'm guessing the producers felt it was too big of a risk to lose Leah too? At that stage, I think the only characters who'd been around longer than her were Alf, Irene and Colleen?
  11. I don't like Justin and Leah together either. It does feel like the characters were thrown together because they were both at a loose end and both likely to not leave any time soon. I'm surprised Ava hasn't returned as a regular yet. There is a potential to create a family unit with Justin, Leah, Ava and perhaps one or two strays, such a niece or nephew of Leah's or a random teen they take in. Is it just me or does Leah seemed to be paired with characters after they've been on the show for a few years, rather than the character be introduced as a love interest for her? It happened
  12. Didn't Alf ask Ailsa "to keep an eye on her" because he knew who she was? I suppose the problem was, Alf found out just after Martha's "death" and he had more than enough on his plate dealing with that and Roo going off the rails.
  13. Carly seemed to go through a few too before she settled down with Ben: Matt, Gary, Andrew, Adam, Grant and finally Ben. Maybe it just seemed like heaps for that era of the show and relative to Bobby. In the same period, Bobby only had Frank and Morag's stalker Danny. Speaking of Roo, she's burnt through a few too. She had four in her original 18 month stint (Frank, Brett, David, Simon) and countless short-lived love interests since returning in 2010. I'm sure someone would be able to give us a full rundown on those, since I've dipped in and out since 2005ish. Sally Fletcher also had
  14. And the late 90s crew too, like Will, Gypsy, Justine and Vinnie.
  15. Definitely Leah, but it's all relative. Her love interests are spread out over 20 years, whereas the others are concentrated to 3 - 4 years. The writers don't seem interested in investing in long-term couples anymore - with the exception of Dean and Ziggy, the writers seem to pair characters off, then break them up a few months later and then move them on to the next partner. Sometimes that's due to the departure of one actor, which can't be avoided, but other times both actors stay. I'd also say the Braxton pairings (Heath and Bianca and Brax and Ricki) are an exception to the rule
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