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  1. Hey I love your personal pic they just the amazing couple :) xxx

  2. Sorry I havnen't been able to review in a while but great chapters! I'm thinking Brax could be thinking of a wedding when they're in Hawaii? Who knows :-)
  3. Great chapter, poor Bianca though really hope Brax doesn't do anything stupid, the ending had me a little concerned!
  4. Great chapter. Poor Charlie being scared, it's not fair Brax is being kept in custody and Ryan was let out! Oh dear, I hope Ryan doesn't try anything on with Charlie when she's alone in the house!
  5. Awwt that was a great chapter, so glad Charlie and Brax seem okay and Jacob was so sweet to Ash
  6. Great chapter:) Hopefully Brax will change his mind on marriage, loved Riley telling Ryan her mummy killed her pet, haha. Looking forward to the next one
  7. Just caught up on the last few updates! Aww, Ruby married:D Bella speaking Italian all the time is so cute! Poor Charlie thinking the ring was for her, hopefully Brax clocks on about that soon!
  8. Great chapter, i'm thinking the baby could be Heath's? Brown hair, and eyes. Aw, it sounds like Brax might want Isabella to be his!
  9. Two great chapters! Poor Charlie, hopefully her and Brax will sort things out and arrange something soon!
  10. That was such a great chapter, they make a perfect little family!
  11. Oh dear oh dear Ruby! Loved Chax at the end though, they're so sweet Another awesome chapter
  12. That was such a great chapter, Brax and Charlie make such an adorable little family, the girls were so cute in this too!
  13. Aww, that was so cute, another awesome chapter
  14. Great chapter, I wonder if Charlie will give Bianca another chance
  15. Aw, that was a great chapter, poor Charlie not knowing what she wants, hope she calls Brax and they sort it all out. Looking forward to the next chapter
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