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  1. ^^ The acting was brilliant, Very emotional. I'm hoping and praying they will give Casey's death justice with Brax grieving very hard, Like he did with Charlie. But I wont hold my breath as I have a feeling they wont
  2. ^^ You're brave to watch the episode again. I'll never watch it again. Too much crying would be done.
  3. ^^ Yeah but Sally seemed like a nice normal girl. Maybe boring but normal.
  4. Yeah I don't like Hannah either. We need more female characters like Ricky or Sally.
  5. Even though Lincoln's acting may seem forced sometimes, I honestly think he is the best actor out of the Braxton Brothers and definitely out of the teens that are now on the show.
  6. ^ I can understand what you mean with the emotions. I thought he was really good playing Romeo in Tangle.
  7. Him going to jail will be sad but realistic if that is the direction Brax goes. I don't think he will be killed off.
  8. ^^ Good post. Even though I like Brax, I agree with you and Steve, I don't think her should have a happy ending. It would be realistic with all that he has done and all that he will probably continue to do.
  9. Whenever Steve eventually leaves the show, do you think Brax will have a happy ending or a sad ending? Steve has said he doesn't want Brax to have a happy ending but at the end of the day it's the producers decision. What ending do you think he will have? I think it won't be the best ending but I'm torn..........
  10. I find with the fans of this show there are only really two opinions about Brax. One, is that he is a good person and the other one is that he is a horrible person. IMO he is neither of them. Explaining his character is a bit hard because he can be complex. He has a sweet side when it comes to Ricky, Casey and to Harley but there is also a very dark side with what we have seen. In saying that I don't think he is evil. At the end of the day, he is someone who is very protective of his loved ones and will do any thing for them even if it is wrong.
  11. ^ That would of been nice. I'm just so happy though that Casey was involved with her final scenes
  12. I was so happy about the Casey and Tam scenes. Casey was the first person from the Bay Tam met, so it was fitting he was in her last scenes.
  13. I have said before that Pheobe is so much better than Tam but I'm going to have to take that back. She has started to annoy me and future storylines about her which I have read in TV Week are going to annoy me too.
  14. Did Casey get his HSC last year? And he told Brax he got it when he visited Brax in jail?
  15. "Based on the 5 minutes we have seen of her" Even though it hasn't been for long, I find her more likable than Tam. Hopefully Tam will get better when she is away from Casey and Kyle.
  16. ^ Plus atm phoebe is much more likable than Tam.
  17. He Is a bit like Aden before he turned good. But my opinion is Montgomery uses I like him too. I hope he stays for a while.
  18. Even though I want Casey and Tam together and I'm not a big Kyle fan, I do feel a little sorry for him with everything that is happening to him.
  19. I love Heath giving Casey emotional support. Just wish Brax would do the same.
  20. It was. I still can't believe Kyle heard everything Heath said but was too chicken to go in to Casey's hospital room. I don't think it had nothing to do with being a chicken. Obviously Casey wouldn't have had that moment with Kyle, nor confessed his fears to Kyle, and Kyle would have been an intruder in the situation. I really liked the scene between Casey and Heath, too. I agree. Don't think he was being a chicken. Probably just thought it was the best if he didn't intrude on that moment.
  21. It was. I still can't believe Kyle heard everything Heath said but was too chicken to go in to Casey's hospital room. It would of been good seeing Kyle go in but I love that you just saw him there visibly upset about Casey.
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