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  1. From yesterday- 30 seconds to Mars
  2. Sweetest High- Nadine Coyle (Nadine from Girls Aloud)
  3. A mixture of dark cloud and a little bit of sun. Mostly looks so dark that its going to start raining again. Typical British weather.
  4. A denim jacket, a dark purple top with an image of a skull with a bow or ribbon on its head, jeans and some black denim Lee Cooper hi-top shoes.
  5. Morag makes me laugh. It's her facial expressions as well as the comments she makes, because her facial expressions never seem to change. She just seems to have that same look on her face. She hardly smiles and at the same time I've never seen her sad. I think its good to have a character like Morag in Home & Away.
  6. That is pretty much a good summary of Brax. I haven't watched Home & Away that long and know where near as long as everyone else on this forum, so I don't know much about the character. But from what I seen so far, he engaging in too much criminal activity, but sometimes I think there must be a good Brax somewhere. I think may be he does truly love Charlie but Charlie needs to be careful of Brax's bad side because he can be very manipulative and tries to make a very convincing lair.
  7. Although Brax is showing that bad side , I also believe that there is a good side to him somewhere even if he doesn't show it. But at the same time I am thinking in some ways Charlie shouldn't trust him.
  8. Wow, first time I actually seen Watson not in her police uniform and is at Charlie's party. Also, first time I actually seen Watson smile.
  9. Well that would be interesting since you only see Watson in uniform and when something has happened. But can I ask something though. Has Watson ever smiled? I love the character and everything but I've only seen her serious.
  10. Despite all the heavy storyline about Brax, I think him and Charlie are good together. But at the same time, is it wise for Charlie to trust him? Does she even trust him?
  11. Wished I had Jaclyn Albergoni's good looks, if I did then by now I would have a boyfriend.
  12. I just wishe Watson was included more in the storylines. I hope the writers do keep her in for a long while. Watson is one of the reasons why I watch Home & Away.
  13. Hi everyone, my name is Nikki and I have just gotten in to watching Home & Away and I feel that Gergina Watson is my favourite Home & Away character. I think she is amazing. I hope a storyline that centres around Watson would be made because that would be really interesting. I also would like to say that Jaclyn Albergoni is a beautiful actress.
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