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  1. It is so nice that she is not forgotten... their love will never be!
  2. Well said. He is going through a hard time and needs to grieve the loss of the one person he has ever loved and get past his role in her death in his own way and time. Hopefully when that happens, Ruby will be able to be there with him as they remember the love they share for Charlie.
  3. Charlie and Rubys relationship will be missed. They have not known about their mother daughter relationship for that long and there was still so much to tell.
  4. He should have been there. I love that he told them about their first date. I wish he didnt say anything about charlies death though.
  5. WOW... that was amazing. RIP Charlie. I will always hold hope you could return, but I know that it is not likely. You made me keep watching over the past couple years. you will be missed
  6. wow... it was incredible today. Brax scenes were great. I hope to his struggle continues to be great scenes.
  7. Cried the whole episode and intrigued by whats to come tomorrow
  8. Brax is one of the big reasons that H&A is succeeding. LOL. They made all the storylines juicy and exciting last year. I hope there is more Chax to come, but if not, Brax will make some great scenes I am sure.
  9. Finale was awesome!!! Hoping the promo for next year is not what it seems
  10. Loved today with Heath...LOL great commentary DocZed
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