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  1. Happy birthday Sam! <3 x

  2. Happy birthday Laura! Hope have an amazing day! (: x

  3. According to the forum it's your birthday not sure how they know that though since your birthday says unknown on your page but anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you had an amazing day. (: x

  4. Hey, i'm so sorry I missed your birthday. Anyway happy (very) belated birthday I hope you had a great day. (: I promise i'll be on time next year haha :P xx

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great day (: x

  6. Happy Birthday! (: hope you're having a great day. x

  7. Happy birthday Sabrina! Hope you're having a great day! (: x

  8. Happy Birthday Danni!! (: x

  9. Thank you (: x

  10. Happy Birthday Cecil! hope you are having a great day! (: xx

  11. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day! (: xx

  12. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! (: xx

  13. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! (:

  14. Awesome (:

    are you in year 10 or 11?

  15. Hey (: I'm from Wanganui it's at the bottom of the North Island. (: Haha, yeah I love him hehe.

  16. Okay. I can't wait for the final, it's gonna be awesome (:

  17. Are you gonna watch it ? or aren't you into rugby?

  18. Nah nothing much. The only thing I have planned tomorrow is to watch the RWC final (:

  19. Aww suckie. Do you have much planned tomorrow?

  20. I normally just sign out for awhile or open both Chrome and normal internet explorer and stay logged out on one reading the comments then use the other one to reply. My day was good thanks. How was your day?

  21. I'm great thanks. (: Yeah it always stuffs up for me as well the page always goes blank and I can't see the comments unless I log out. Can't wait for this week with Chax. Have you seen the new promo? (is Brax innocent?)

  22. Hey Sam (: , how are you?

    I never see you on the OS now?

  23. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day! (: xx

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