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  1. I was having a search through & realized these two don't have a thread together. So thought I'd start one up & see what peoples thoughts on these two are so far?!? I personally like them alot, as friends I think they have such great scenes together but I think that they would make a lovely couple too. What is everyones thoughts on these two as friends & as a possible couple maybe?!?
  2. Spoiler tags are to your left when you're typing a new message up to post. Whilst writing it if you look to your left hand side there's a 'quick access' panel which has a list of all the things to insert into your message if needed to. If you click on 'Insert: SPOILER' then a box will appear for you to write in the text that you want to keep hidden, once you've done that it will appear with spoiler tags once you have posted it. Hope that helps.
  3. I'm not really sure what it's about tbh or even if it's about a woman. But alot of the lyrics refer to a woman & other things too, such as knowing a person since they were 16 'speaking in Lion' & even child birth. I don't want to say too much because theres so many different interpretations on this song & what it's really about I don't want to give anybody the wrong idea, since there's no clear cut meaning IMO, the song seems to be a mixture of things so its hard to really know the true meaning, but in saying that it could be farly straight forward & I'm just reading too much into it. If you get the chance too i'd go & have a look at the lyrics it might help you get a better idea on what it could be about than me I will say though those three words 'One Crowded Hour' - to me sounds like it means it was a very eventful & busy hour. I don't know if this could or just something else entirely. & his character profile/description also says that he has never been in love before but then he meets Charlie...I'm sure it says that anyway. But then again the song may not be about true love or anything it could have some other meaning behind it Who knows it's not easy trying to figure it out though. Hopefully Brax will tell Charlie what it means to him at some point & IF then the subject on this tattoo & what it means might arise
  4. I'd like to see what his reaction would be to Charlie having dated a girl before too. I think it would be interesting especially to see his expression on his face. There are lots of things that I want him to find out about Charlie, things that I want her to feel like she can tell him & talk to him about. The same with Brax to it would be nice to see them have a heart to heart or just a really good deep & meaningful conversation about their pasts & things that have happened in their lives. It would just bring them so much closer/bond more & get to know alot more about each other & possibly help them too understand one-another abit more.
  5. Lol. I was thinking that myself Laura, seriously very beautiful babies indeed
  6. I think or I'm pretty sure actually 'One Crowded Hour' is a song by Augie March an Australian Rock Band. I think the lyrics are alot about a woman, I'm not totally sure though. This is one of the lines from the song - "But for one crowded hour, you were the only one in the room" It makes me wonder is this tattoo actually real & one of Steve Peacocke's own or is it just for his character Brax?!?
  7. I see your point & I agree. It doesn't make any difference to me whether they're a real-life couple or not. I was just pointing out that they come off so well together on screen you would sometimes think that it was more than that. But I do think that both Steve & Esther are just absoloutley amazing actors & that's probably what their chemistry boils down too & they work so well together that I think they both bring out each other's acting skills aswell as when they're on their own in different scenes. Ever since Brax has come onto screen I feel like we see more of the real Charlie & it also means that we get to see Esther Anderson really show off her acting skills. I felt like on Angelo she was wasted at times whereas with Brax & the rest of the Riverboys on the show we get to see how great she is & all the different layers to her character, not that you couldn't before I've always thought she was incredibly talented but sometimes you just need the right storylines to prove & show how good you really are, hopefully there's lots more to come for her, I'm hoping we will really see Charlie's feisty side & what she's made of.
  8. I agree about Angelo. Him & Charlie were never good together & I don't think that they had any chemistry or real connection, he made Charlie look/seem boring & she is anything but that, she's one of the most interesting characters on the show, she's amazing. & I think that now she is with Brax, he brings out the real Charlie, I like her feisty side & her 'I don't take any crap attitude' that she sometimes has going on. Which is one of the many reasons why I think that they're so good together, they bring out the best in each other. We see the fun, real interesting Charlie that she is, hopefully it carries on & we get to see more with the things/storylines coming up.
  9. I totally agree with you. Apparently Steve Peacocke has a GF & really no dis-respect to her or anything but I think that him & Esther would making an amazing real-life couple too. I just think they have the most incredible chemistry, I think it's this type of chemistry that doesn't come around too often. They look great together but they just seem to do all of their scenes together with such ease. They actually look like they're enjoying their 'love scenes' & those are scenes that probably should be awkward for them to do but it doesn't look or seem that way when you watch how much detail that they put into them, they make them look so simple. Maybe they're just really good at working together & enjoy each others company so they come off so well together on screen but you'd think it was more than that from how great they're their chemistry is second to none. I'm glad that Heath is having a storyline coming up with Bianca, it will be interesting to finally see him with a girl & maybe it will bring out his character more & see what he's really like aside from the 'bad boy' he appears to be right now.
  10. Does anybody now for sure what Steve Peacocke's contract is? I assumed that he would be sticking around as a 'regular' on the show now. I thought that's what he & the others were brought in as but I saw from a comment on YT that somebody had heard that he may only have a short-term contract? I really hope that this isn't true, the Riverboys especially Brax are the best thing to happen to this show in a long time. I find it hard to believe that he would be contracted only short-term & leaving when there was all of this build-up & he seems to have become a regular/permanent fixture on the show.
  11. I think that Watson's such a good cop & great for the show, she's always intent on doing her job properly & she has the funny side to her aswell which I like. But I always bare in mind that if she was a regular on the show & as a cop then she wouldn't be made to be seen & written so good at times. She along with the others would have times where she would make mistakes & maybe get involved with people that she shouldn't necessarily get involved with because she would have more storylines & be a bigger part of the show. But since she only makes appearances when there's big cases involved or something then she is always going to be seen as a good cop who does her job & doesn't get involved with too many different characters on the show.
  12. I think that Charlie is a pretty good cop, she's always professional & sets out to do her job properly regardless of any personal feelings involved.
  13. I most definately agree! This is where I get really confused about Brax though! It is so obvious that he is sick of hiding his relationship with Charlie, but if he is so serious about them, why is he so dangerous and so involved in seemingly dodgy stuff! You're right too about Chax! They need to sit down and figure out whether their relationship is actually going to work out! If/When they eventually go public, Charlie, and I suppose Brax too, is going to get a lot of slack from the locals and the River Boys and they need to figure out whether they can handle it because Charlie clearly isn't at the moment at all! Sadly though, and it happened with Adelle, Brax is going to get sick of keeping it a secret and is going to call off his relationship with Charlie until she is ready to get over being seen with him in public. That might not happen of course....whatever Brax's doing might be exposed before he gets a chance! Charlie might end things with him before he gets a chance to end things with her! Edit: With the hand thing though, she might have just been pissed off with him at that stage! But when he lifted his hand to her cheek....hmm I agree with you both. I think that Brax & Charlie need to really talk things out instead of Charlie shying away from that conversation all the time. Brax just confuses me so much I just don't know what to think He has made it clear that he wants them to be open about being together & I thought Brax seemed genuinely conerned for Charlie in the last 2 episodes acting quite concerned & wanting to show his affection but didn't he see where the bottle was coming from? He was instant to warn her it was coming & it looked to me like he was looking right in the direction where it was coming from, I felt like he was genuine with his concern but it would really annoy me if he saw it & was covering for one of those dumb ass riverboys, when I don't know why he bothers I know he's big on protecting his friends/family but no that's not cool he should be better than that he needs to learn some people just aren't worth it those riverboys are some of those people. The way he is with Charlie makes me squee, but then I see him act weird or something & I just don't know what to think he wants to be with her yet he's acting quite dangerous & suspicious he should know the score shes a copper, I don't see Charlie doing him any favours & I hope she doesn't either, ultimately she's not stupid at the end of the day, she's pretty smart. I just have my reservations I want to like Brax so much I really do & he seemed really genuine & I hope he was being because they're amazing together. Don't get me wrong he's not innocent in everything but I don't think he's a bad guy deep down the same with Casey & they come across that way but then Brax will do something that will just totally confuse me like the thing with Angelo & I'm like arghhh! The whole mystery with him is driving me crazy, I just really want to know what they've been upto so I can get a clear picture. I just hope Brax isn't too involved whatever it turns out to be because I have a feeling Heath & Brodie are behind alot of it. Those two are such tools honestly. I just would really like to see things work out for Brax & Charlie, because I agree with your earlier post LauraPhilly. I really do believe & feel like they can become a supercouple, the supercouple of the whole show actually giving them time to progress & work hard at a relationship with one-another. I think they are that amazing together they have the potential to be really epic, they have the most amazing chemistry, that kind that is just so natural & explosive & I don't just mean physically but emotionally aswell, there is so much room there for real progression because I think there has been an emotional connection between them since the beginning that's how it feels to me. Like when he approached Charlie at the station in her office about Casey & Ruby, he got through to her, he broke down her wall & she softened towards him slightly more after that, even though she wouldn't admit it at that point you could see it, he gave her great advice & she listened. They have all the potential to reach all of that, but they need to sort things out first, Brax needs to stop being so dangerous & dodgy & Charlie needs to stop with them being so secretive and passive in public. They both just need to stop with all the secrets & be honest with each other. I hope they reach that point and eventually work things out but I think before they can have a chance to do that what Brax has been upto will come into question, it won't be plain sailing for them to begin with, it never is for any truly great couple on a show, they have to go through the struggles first. I just hope that they do get the chance to work things out & hopefully eventually be together. They deserve to be happy with each other.
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