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  1. I'm back hopefully more active haha

  2. Thanks guys for Birthday wishes! :)

    I didnt get notifications on people commenting this so sorry if it's late lol

  3. Hey Jen, just want to say a HUGE thanks for changing my artwork thread name :)

    Your heaps cool mod and I hope you continue being one :)

    Sez (Sarah)

  4. Cool. I'm good thanks. You?.

    Tinc is awesome =P

  5. Hey Anaya.

    I added you as a friend. Hope you dont mind.

    Love the picture of Linc and Todd of your personal photo =P.

    Sarah :)

  6. Heyy.

    Sorry for the late comment. Back to the bay dont notify me when I get comments.

    I just realized your birthday is 7 days before mine (im 27th).

    Cant wait to see more Geoff ones from you =P

  7. LOL. I only just noticed yours. Sick as you know from my thread. How about you?

  8. Sorry for the Late reply. Didn't realized I get comments lol.

    Nah it's fine you added me.

    How are you?

  9. Really? Well your getting there too. Don't put yourself down :( I get sad.

  10. Hi....lol...like I said on the one on one I'm scared of this next round too

  11. Really? did you get much rain over the past couple of days? . Did you just add me on bebo?.


  12. Hello SA person!. What area do you live in?

    Sarah wb xx

  13. Heyz swfc!. How ur day going?!.


  14. You actually are special in a friendly way *smiles*

  15. Ya but it was kinda boring lol.

    Your actully my first friend on here.

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