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  1. Aww poor Bianca, really hope she and Liam have their own babe eventually, it'll be great for baby Scott.
  2. Oooh eeek, this could get reeeeally tangled, had to chuckle at Bianca's nesting!
  3. Oh yipes, be careful Bianca; Liam might have done wrong things but he's definitely the lesser of two evils!
  4. Just thought I'd bump this; I have included some pics, could I possibly have the names on the art (on the av it will be Angie!) and possibly in pastel-y pink and lilac colours. Many thanks. Av: pic Banner: pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4
  5. Thanks. I made it myself (not that I remember what I did!)

  6. Love your avatar, its so gorgeous!

  7. Aww poor Liam and Bianca, really hope they cn work things out!
  8. I really love your avatar, was the pic from a magazine? Take care!

  9. Loved Bianca and Charlie's convo, with added Buckton sarcasm; equally I'm glad alarm bells are ringing for Bianca.
  10. Aw no, poor Liam. Really hope he and Bianca sort this out, they're meant for each other! Can't wait to see what happens next!
  11. MEGA catch up, brilliant as per, Liam's proposal was so romantic, pleeeeeease let Bianca say yes!
  12. Hey guys Silly question but which address here is to reach the actual cast personally instead of the press office? Thanks, sorry for being dense. (I would ask the same question for Neighbours but I know its off topic! )
  13. Love your descriptions, it makes it so easy to picture!
  14. Oh yipes, poor Bianca, things are looking decidedly rocky, brilliant as always!
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