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  1. Mod note: Please keep the discussion in this thread related to the current status of the Charlie/Brax relationship. Alluding to spoilers is fine, but keep all spoiler discussion in the relevant spoiler threads. Please do not make singular posts in this thread with spoilers only. This thread is for discussion of the current Australian storyline, lets keep it that way :).

    Okay, thanks for letting me know :)

  2. I can't wait to see them together, just they way they will be with eachother and also the bay's rection. I think she needs some light hearted stuff and he seems to really like her.

    I really wanna see the episode in which they kiss not the one outside the surf club but the one inn the other promo, it shouldn't be that long till we see it though, maybe 2 weeks?


  3. The latest episode was really good! They were really talking to eachother, and I love how he gave her advice and she never rejected him, hopefully they'll be together soon! They have the chemistry, it's unreal and I can't wait to see more of them :wub:

  4. I think these two have great chemistry from the second episode the Rivers boys was in, there was a spark between them.

    From the promo's it showed that they kissed and the spoilers tell that they kiss also. On Brax's charcter profile it says he has a secret affair, so it will be interesting it also says he's never been in love but then he meets charlie... Can't wait for this its gonna be exciting and hot!


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