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  1. Im good & OMGGG I know right?!! He is so affectionate of her, I love it!! :D Actually can't wait for them, it's like torture waiting, just want them together NOW :D

  2. Hey how are you?Can't wait for next week, Charlie and Brax finally!! :)

  3. I know its like he can see right through her, they're both tough and definitly both hot! Lol, the ep just gone was so hot, they are soo hot together they're chemistry is amazing especially when he gets closer to her WOW, seriosuly need them to get together now, otherwise I will loose my sanity!!<3

  4. LOL I am exactly like you, just from seeing that one promo and then the first ep they came they both never spoke to eachother but I saw the lookhe gave her and I was like, WOW! We'll both be happy chax fans when they get together :) Have you seen this promo? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys2OHbTRrpA&feature=feedu

    Amazing, can't wait<3

  5. I know, passion was just fissling out :D Im sure its on this s=coming month, as most of the thing in the 2011 promos have already happened except that, I just love their scenes, one of the reasons why Im so hooked on home and away than i've ever been before :)x

  6. Yeah lol same! it's great to watch it on Aus time so then I don't have to wait longer for them to get together, have you seen one of th promos from last yer where they kiss but not outside the surf club I think the epshold air next week or week after? x

  7. Hey, finally found out how to post this, and yes I've seen the videos they're really good, I can'twait till Charlie and Brax get together, great to see your a fan too :)

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