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  1. So I was just wondering why Last year when Roo lost her baby and said she was going to find her daughter Martha how it was just ignored and she came back from looking and said she couldn’t find her. Does Jodi Gordon have a problem with H&A? Because she played Morags niece and worked with her the most in 2006-2010 and she never commented on her death which I found sad. Also I know she is on neighbours now and I find it unusual that she wouldn’t want to come back to H&A. Anyone know anything. ?
  2. Wondering if anyone knows the reason why fires and explosions look so fake lately (in the last 5 years). They used to look Epic and very real and it would enhance the realism of the story for example - The stalker and sally warehouse explosion 2005, Martha & jacks 2006 Wedding, the Rocket club fire 2007, and the Formal Car Crash and explosion at the end of 2008. Now It looks very un realistic and fake like really bad CGI for example - the music festival bush fires, john lighting fires and the flashback to his childhood, the cabin in the woods fire with Kat and co, Ash burning down Robbo and Kats New Runaway home, and the worst was the caravan park explosion. had the caravan park explosion looked real, I think the story would have been more popular. for god sake even the caravan setting fire in the pilot was better than that. It's odd to me that you'd think 10 years later the technology would have advanced but it doesn't even compare to what was done years earlier in the show. Is there any reason for this? (I did think the 2016 plane crash was well done though)
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