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  1. Hi Everyone. I am selling my Home and Away 21 years collectors magazine I've not watched the show in years so am hoping this can go to a fan whole appreciate it https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/182862512709?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  2. Moving overseas so selling all my doubles. Hand signed David Jones-Roberts fan card for sale http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181865807096?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  3. Hi guys, I am moving overseas in a few weeks and therefore am selling part of my H&A autograph collection as I no longer watch the show so would rather not take these with me. There is only 2 lots of autographs up at the moment. I have about 5 more to sell but can't list them til next month. If you have paypal and would like to buy them before I list them on eBay please message me! They remaining autographs are of: David Jones Roberts (Hand signed) Jordan Rodrigues Tessa James Axle Whitehead Luke Jacobz http://www.ebay.com.au/usr/gomezb1993 Thanks
  4. Yeah, I found it today when I googled it. Thanks for you help
  5. ^Thanks, Now I just gotta find the episode
  6. There was an episode last year after Dexter got out of hospital after the crash. I didn't watch the whole episode but I remember at the end there was a scene in the Walker house and Dexter was laying on the couch Crying and went Sid comes to find out what it wrong Dexter says he knows he is a burden to everyone and he knows it would have been better if he had just died. Does anyone remember which episode it was ? Thanks
  7. Last yeah there was a few episode when Liam and Bianca has 'library duty' or something like that after school as a punishment for something. I remember Liam saying something and then Bianca goes to the toilets and crys. Can anyone remember what episodes they are?
  8. Has anyone had any success' lately?
  9. It depends. If you write to the head office they send you out pre-print fan cards. But if you write directly to the actor then they send personally signed fancards. This is the head office address. You will get pre signed fancards from this address Home And Away c/o "Home and Away" Seven Network PO Box 777 Pyrmont NSW 2009 Australia This ones goes directly to the actor and they will read you letter and reply it themselves ACTOR'S NAME HOME AND AWAY SEVEN NETWORK GBO BOX 7777 SYDNEY NSW 2001 AUSTRALIA
  10. I like Brode and I think the actor for him is amazing, especially in the scenes when he went to hospital with 'stomache pain.' Yeah him taking the blame for the River Boys was really good but it was dog of his friends/family to set him up like that.
  11. Here are scans off all the autographs I have got in the last 3 weeks Rhiannon Fish, signed fancard and letter. Such a sweet girl. Lincoln Younes David Jones-Roberts Esther Anderson. Poster and fancard
  12. Well there has been quit a few success' from Steve lately so I think he is going to keep replying letters. I read in an interview with the River boys that Steve loves meeting fans and being aprocached on the street. So I think you are in with a good chance even though he has been on for a while. Keep in mind they have busy scheduals and with the growing fan base it can take months for them to reply.
  13. ^ Yeah you are so lucky. I have never met any of the cast but hopefully one day I can go to Palm Beach and meet them. That would be so amazing. Steve has been amazing with fanmail so far, and you will get a reply from him. I sent to him the other day so I can't wait to get him back
  14. ^ hey. Esther is very good with her fanmail and really appriciates each letter she gets. She replies very fast as well and always sends a fancard with something kind so say. I don't think they will laugh at letters as they are all very nice people and really appriciate the fans. The fans are what keep the show running and they all seem to understand that so they are very kind to the fans and reply fan letters. I wrote to Kate Richie a few years ago and never got a reply. Most of them a very good with fanmail but there are a few who do not reply.
  15. A self addressed stamped envelope. You place this inside the envelope you sent you letter in and they send the autograph back in that envelope. But since you are unsure what it is I am guessing you didnt send one.
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