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  1. Her last episode is no surprise really. Once you hand in your notice on these shows, you're a dead man/woman walking. To paraphrase Judy Nunn, out with the trash you go. The writers are already working on the next storyline with your replacement. At least Pip didn't leave in a wooden box.
  2. Five Bedrooms is on the BBC iPlayer too and is well worth a watch. I also spotted him in Rachel Griffiths's film Ride Like A Girl. playing the co-owner of a racehorse.
  3. If I could find it, I'd happily share the source. I remember reading it somewhere and being a bit taken aback. I was surprised to check her IMDB and to see that her acting career seems to have ended after Muriel's Wedding. I don't suppose we'll ever know whether she chose to quit acting or if she just couldn't find work after this. That's how I read it. The Haydn episode was pretty humiliating for her, culminating in her finding him and Sophie kissing passionately after Romeo & Juliet in the Surf Club. Long after she had supposedly forgiven Sophie for stealing Haydn from her, she brought it up again. I can't remember exactly when but she definitely mentioned it. Obviously the bit about Haydn never really fancying her in the first place hadn't registered with her. Personally I don't buy that 180° character transplant either. it just looks like the powers that be wanted to ruin the character and get her out the door. It seems to be a premature exit too. Most of the fostered teens left Summer Bay for reasonably normal reasons (uni/family/job) and got a good stretch on the show. Karen left in a prison van, leaving a trail of destruction behind her. I don't think Fin was much of an improvement on her but she got a better run,
  4. Revhead wasn't all bad, though he could be pretty obnoxious. He didn't start well, did he? Later on he showed that he could be a nice(ish) human being by looking after his sister Julie (who had been paralysed in that same accident, of course) and was working in the boat shed. The Karen exit seemed to be the culmination of a long build up. Way before she ever hooked up with Revhead, she was insecure about her looks and attractiveness to boys. Perhaps removing the sour puss from her face would've been a good start. She first broke bad when she went off with a couple of hoons she met in the Surf Club and demonstrated her questionable driving skills when trying to get away from them. She didn't seem to have improved much as a driver by the time she met David on the road. Has anyone ever read why she left? I have a feeling they probably felt they'd had enough of whiny Karen and wanted to replace her with Fringley Finlay instead. I've also read that Belinda Jarrett didn't always get on with Les Hill and had trouble with Gavin Harrison as well. So maybe the powers that be decided that it was time for a change.
  5. It is odd that both Roger and Vanessa left and we never heard why. Unless of course the interviews they did at the time were printed in magazines which are now lost in the mist of time. Usually when somebody leaves H&A we know whether they are going of their own accord or have been axed. It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that on the rare occasions they've given interviews about H&A, they've chosen not to answer questions about it. These are Hello magazine style puff pieces they're doing anyway so there isn't going to be any journalist asking questions. We are talking about events that occurred 30 years ago too, which won't be of any interest to anybody apart from people in their 40s and upwards. My guess is that both Vanessa and Debra see their time on Home and Away as jobs they had many years ago. Acting is one of the few professions where people continue to be asked about work they did 20 or 30 years ago. Do many of us really want to go back to a job we had 10, 15, 20 years ago? Both actresses would probably rather talk about what they're doing now. I doubt coming back to Home and Away would suit either actress, even if there was a reason for them to return. Vanessa is now a solicitor who mostly seems to do theatre work now. Home and Away might not suit her schedule now. It makes even less sense for Debra because she lives and works in Melbourne. That Harry Potter play she's in is going to run for quite a while yet and it probably suits her down to the ground to have that steady job and to sleep in her own bed at night. Anyway, both actresses are now in their 60s and might as well be the grandparents of half the cast.
  6. I wasn't sorry to see the back of Lance and Martin. The only good thing Lance did was bring Marilyn to Summer Bay.
  7. Looks like they chose wisely in terms of actresses as well. According to the interview with Belinda Giblin on Digital Spy, she's happy to go off and do stage work when Ray Meagher is on his holidays
  8. Best: Alf: Goes without saying Donald Fisher. A great character whose downfall only started when he got together with Marilyn. I loved how he started out hating Bobby and went on to develop a lovely warm father/daughter relationship with her. Pippa: Both iterations of the character were a fine centre-piece for the show. Even as an adult, I'd love to have Pippa take me under her wing. Tom: The dad we all wished we had. Maybe he was a bit too perfect but his death was pretty shocking at the time. Michael: A character who gets a bad rap by not being Tom and perhaps, by being on the show for longer so we got to see more of the warts. Marilyn: Who wouldn't like to have Maz as a friend? She might be dizzy at times but she has a heart of gold and she'd stand on her head for you. Bobby: She came a long way from the vagabond at the start of the series. I still think the powers that be made a huge mistake in killing her off. Even if she left the Bay and never came back, it would've been a better ending than what she got. Jack: A lad who continued to be a handful for the Rosses Damian: A shout-out for one of the normal kids. He might've been overshadowed by Shane and Jack but there was an endearing everyman quality to him. Damo - if you hadn't opted for the priesthood you'd have had woman queuing up to date you once they grew up and stopped having their heads turned by bad boys. Carly: One of the original foster kids. Re-watching the Early Years reminded me of the warmth and spark that Sharyn Hodgson brought to the character. Morag: Legend Worst Sophie. She was fine at the start but by the time she moved to Perth she was insufferable. The part didn't do Rebekah Elmaloglou any favours either because most of her lines were delivered by a grunt, followed by shrieking. She's lucky she found a new home on Neighbours. Adam. The joke wore thin after a while and he really outstayed his welcome Lucinda: Any potential the character had was lost once she got embroiled in the tiresome Lou/Nick/Ryan love triangle. Though I have to say, as a straight female, I wouldn't have thrown either of her admirers out on a cold night Angel: Not a likeable character in her own right. She also turned Shane into a bore. By the time he was killed off, the programme was dedicating too much airtime to Shane and Angel and their soap opera within a soap opera. Roxanne/Donna: At this point, it's hard to remember what exactly they did apart from be annoying when it came to their relationships with men. Lucinda falls into this category too. Rob: Mostly wore a vest, had a tiresome on-off relationship with Roxy and mysteriously vanished overnight, taking the Boat Shed with him. Viv: Unless you re-watched those Early Years episodes, you'd forget that she was on the show. Greg: Would Bobby really have married him if she wasn't at risk of losing Sam? He was little more than a chubby, self-centred, not too bright lad who had zero chemistry with Bobby.
  9. I don't think Debra would've stayed on all that long, regardless. By the time she left, you could argue that she was at a crossroads in her life. If her daughter was born towards the end of 1992/early 1993, she was getting towards the age where she would be starting school by the time Pippa quit the Bay. Parents generally don't like pulling their kids out of school once they're settled in and making their own friends. If moving "home" and living nearer to her mother was in the back of her mind, that was as good at time as any to leave. She had gained financial security from being on H&A and Dennis would've done well out of it from his 5½ years there. Career-wise she now stood a better chance of getting more acting work than she had done before her stint on Home and Away. She has also said she suffered a few miscarriages before her son was born - there's a gap of 6 or 7 years between the two kids she had with Dennis. She probably went through some of those while still on H&A. Maybe the stress of combining motherhood and H&A's gruelling schedule didn't help. All of these things (and ones we don't know about) accumulate and make it easier to make the decision to leave. Most actors don't stay on H&A that long so her leaving after 7-8 years isn't that odd really. She moved on, the show moved on...
  10. Nelson came into the show just as his cousin Damien was about to leave. He was another nice but vaguely hapless member of the Roberts family. In his time on the show, he went out with Selina and Sally and went to Summer Bay High. He later sustained severe burns after saving Jack from a burning car and was written out. Did the program makers ever intend for him to be regular or did he get written out because the show was on the cusp of becoming quite different?
  11. I wonder how much was left over from the sale of Michael's boat shed? Especially as they'd ended up having to foot the bill for Haydn's gambling debts.
  12. I never thought of Alf and Ailsa as being old or elderly . Mature is the word I'm searching for here. They always seemed to be that bit older than the Fletchers/Rosses. Especially once we got Pippa & Michael who seemed that bit younger. There's an age gap of 12 or 13 years between Judy Nunn and Debra Lawrance and maybe that started to show. We're also getting into the years where Judy Nunn had got more serious about her writing and maybe it suited everyone better to have Irene pick up the slack.
  13. Ah, I must have missed the stove. Did we ever see them cooking the fries?
  14. Probably in the same mystery part of the kitchen where they cook the hamburgers and fries.
  15. Agreed. Andrew and Stacey would have made for a fun odd couple. The way she was written out was pretty poor I thought. It had a feel of a situation where the writers were told to wrap up a character's storyline as soon as possible and get them out the door. Andrew didn't have much purpose after that either. In hindsight, he was obviously just filler until Grant Mitchell arrived.
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