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  1. I don't pretend to know everything about the side affects of Chemo, but shouldn't Maddy be losing her hair by now!?
  2. Let's hope he doesn't get recast again because he might returned as a old man Oh they couldn't do that, then they couldn't use him as their new poster boy
  3. Wow........ the writing continues to hit new lows! So Brax is fighting to clear his name and is risking spending 20yrs in prison because he didn't wanna go down for something he didn't do and refuses to go to prison and be away from his family and upcoming new baby - so he gave up the option of taking the 8 years to right. Then all of a sudden they come around and arrest Ash for being an accomplice to the murder, he's not close to being convicted of the crime, he's just being arrested - and now Brax all of a sudden gives up everything and states he murdered Dean. I mean really!? How ab
  4. I didn't want to think this but after seeing the last few episode he's been in you are correct. If they wanted Matt Little so much, fine. Create a new character for him. But to sacrifice a long running character like V.J. for what? Nepotism at it's finest folks. Yep.... after watching the last few eps it has really sunk in that this would be a far better storyline if it was being done by normal VJ and not fake VJ.
  5. Yep... I don't see the old VJ doing that. But now that he is "older" that's apparently his style.
  6. Her along with Joey were two temporary characters that I really liked and SHOULD have stayed on the bay.
  7. Who is responsible for the wardrobe with Denny!? lol For anyone that follows the NBA (American Basketball) they must be having a laugh. She has now worn tops for at least three different teams...... the Lakers, Celtics and now the Bulls. Sure, she could just like players on each team, but TBH it seems a bit unlikely overall....... firstly the Lakers and Celtics have got one of the biggest rivalries in history and now she's wearing another top from another storied franchise. Possiblle, but unlikely........ they are dressing her like they are just some fashion statement or something lol
  8. I found in the episode the other day when Matt was like "look, he's all GROWN up" lol......... and then not long after Leah was like "you grew up so fast" or something hahahaha..... I was like, yeah, no ****!
  9. ...as a continuation from my now he's sitting down at a table with 3 girls just out of the blue and after a good min one leaves with him and apparently takes him back to her place - really H&A!? Seriously - who is writing this rubbish!?
  10. What news??? No one has said that she is returning.... Only that they are missing her, and she has been gone for far too long. I have a creepy feeling that we have seen the last of Morag. I don't think the actress is interested in returning, and I think that the writers is not interested in having her back on the show either. I will be very surprised if she ever comes back, especially if she is coming back for more than a wedding or a birthday. With the clowns who are now running the show I wouldn't expect it either, all they can be relied on for is ****ty story lines, love t
  11. Doesn't make him right for the role; may as well have cast Irene as the new VJ
  12. http://www.digitalspy.com.au/soaps/s15/home-and-away/news/a593619/matthew-little-confirmed-to-take-over-vj-role-in-home-and-away.html LOL...... just a little bit eh!?
  13. ...and there it is, VJ takes his shirt off. What was he doing when at Aunt Stella's!? Musta been hitting the roids hard lol
  14. ....and in comes another bad boy, who hopefully isn't here to stay.
  15. She annoyed me a bit at the start but then I started to like her a lot....... hope her leaving is only temporary.
  16. Wow........ is that seriously the new VJ? lol......... could they have picked someone any more disssimilar to the old VJ? Everytime VJ gets recast it seems he magically gets a couple of years older. I couldn't find out much info on the difference in ages of the actors, but it's not only that - the prior VJ was a scrawny kid, and now we have this larger looking VJ with muscles....... guess H&A wanted someone else that could take their shirt off in the near future.
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