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  1. Ok, they are really dropping the ball with her; she started off so well and now other than the odd other type of scene it seems all she is in the show for is to be in relations with Colby; can we actually have some storylines with her not based around her "relationship" with Colby? Plus, she's starting to get a bit annoying with all of that lately too...

  2. I don't pretend to know everything about the side affects of Chemo, but shouldn't Maddy be losing her hair by now!?

    Not necessarily - not everyone does. However, they could have made more effort to make Maddy look sick!

    I think the problem is whenever the subject of chemotherapy and side effects are brought up most people will almost always associate it with hair loss. So if the writers are trying to do a cancer storyline and you have a character which some viewers associate with, not losing her hair in my opinion could potentially detract from the effects or seriousness of the storyline. Think about an attractive person and one of their best features suddenly goes. It makes some people think more about the situation. If the actress understandably wasn't prepared to shave her head they could at least have given her a wig or scarf like they did with Martha. I think that worked pretty well. I agree it doesn't help that a lot of the time she looks more like someone recovering after going out on a night on the lash than someone who is fighting for their life.

    Well said; sadly a lot of stuff like this happens a lot in H&A....... they have the initial storyline for it and then more or less "brush it under the carpet" afterwards and only make the odd mention of it; other than that everything is the norm it seems.

  3. Wow........ the writing continues to hit new lows! So Brax is fighting to clear his name and is risking spending 20yrs in prison because he didn't wanna go down for something he didn't do and refuses to go to prison and be away from his family and upcoming new baby - so he gave up the option of taking the 8 years to right.

    Then all of a sudden they come around and arrest Ash for being an accomplice to the murder, he's not close to being convicted of the crime, he's just being arrested - and now Brax all of a sudden gives up everything and states he murdered Dean.

    I mean really!? How about continuing your court case to try and prove your innocence? Not sure how Brax saying he did it clears Ash anyway? They were arresting him as the accomplice, not the murderer.

    If Brax were the murderer then wouldn't that point to Ash having a higher chance of being the accomplice!? lol

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  4. I think this recast has ruined the character. It's a shame because I think Leah's coma could have been an emotional storyline but it is completely falling flat because it's hard to feel anything other than annoyance towards this new VJ.

    I didn't want to think this but after seeing the last few episode he's been in you are correct. If they wanted Matt Little so much, fine. Create a new character for him. But to sacrifice a long running character like V.J. for what?

    Nepotism at it's finest folks.

    Yep.... after watching the last few eps it has really sunk in that this would be a far better storyline if it was being done by normal VJ and not fake VJ.

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