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  1. Weedkiller A small buxus plant Sausage roll
  2. Cool, I've been enjoying Neighbours too recently. I'm currently trying to get my 5,000 word assignment finished.
  3. What's everyone up to today?
  4. Oooh, good luck. I hope it's going okay. How long does it have to be? I've got a 2,500 word assignment and a 5,000 word assignment due by Easter.
  5. How did your assignment go?
  6. I've finished my assignment
  7. I print mine off to remove temptation of the internet.
  8. Black suit trousers, a blouse and cardigan.
  9. I hope you manage to find your creative juices soon BethFaye. I find my best tactic is to take my reading materials off to another room in the house where I don't have my laptop, TV or internet access and force myself to read for at least an hour without distractions. If I get my reading done the writing usually flows much better.
  10. Is there anything in particular stopping you from working?
  11. Ah right, glad to hear it's not just me. What's everyone got planned for today? I need to finish my assignment as I need to take it into uni with me tomorrow.
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