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    Art/Craft<br />Floristry<br />Reading<br />Music<br />Movies<br />Home and Away<br />Twilight Saga<br />KELLAN LUTZ(L)<br />

About Me

My Name is Tahlia

17 years old, doing year 11 at the moment & is doing Floristry at Tafe because I want to be a Florist & I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I love to do arty things and i also love reading and i can't live without my ipod:P

I love home and away atm but i really miss the old h&a days(loved the year 2006)

I love my friends and family don't know what i would do without them

I believe that everyone makes mistakes and learns from them, and that life is full of surprises you never know whats going to happen next.

I also love to watch Brothers & Sisters,Vampire Diaries, Friends, Skins, The OC,Neigbours, Gossip Girl and Ghost Whisperper and heaps more

I'm A Huge of Twilight! :D TEAM EMMETT & JACOB and I also love Harry Potter

I'm obessed with Kellan Lutz not Robert Pattinson:P

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