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  1. I missed Monday's episode, sounded like a good one too. Agree with others, after the terrific recent Alf/Ailsa eps, today's was a bit flat. Sorry to say but Pippa annoys me a bit, as someone described her a while back, she's very 'wishy washy'.
  2. Wow, what a great week this has been. Alf really blew it today! I absolutely cannot stand Roo, my goodness what a self centered, conniving, manipulative girl she is. Every scene she's in I want someone to punch her out. That obviously means she's playing her role well, but it's so painful!
  3. Yep, brilliant episode, probably the best I've seen so far. The last 2 minutes when Bobby was talking to Alan was first rate.
  4. Yeah I thought that was a bit odd too. A decent week but a bit below that of recent standards IMO. I agree that Narelle is a great character and wasn't it nice to see Colleen!!
  5. Carly is unbelievable! I cannot believe she would do something so low. Go Tom go!
  6. These episodes are just superb, really well produced. The Lynn storyline was done so well, a couple of great episodes. How funny is Alan? That Hitler stunt on the beach was hilarious!!
  7. I agree with that post J-M. Roo, seriously what is her problem? Ailsa goes to huge lengths to help her and then she gave her that 'lovely' talk today. Just as you start to like her she says stuff like that.
  8. Monday's episode was brilliant! Alf extending his arms and giving Roo a big hug was great. These episodes are so well written, Lance is hilarious.
  9. I like Lynn, she's nice and is a bubbly sort of character but seriously, she's a very ordinary actor.
  10. Fantastic episode today. Wednesday was good but today's was excellent. Loved Celia's comment about Morag. "She loves herself so much she's never lonely". Celia's really showing some compassion. You know she's a softy but she's been so nice.
  11. Thanks for that codyw1! Sounds like I missed a beauty, as I kenw it would be considering the cliff hanger that concluded Monday's episode. Thankfully it recorded Wednesday but I haven't got around to watching it yet.
  12. I am loving these original episodes! I've never seen them before so it's making them every better, such great storylines, classic characters, puts today's stuff to shame. I am really annoyed though, to be sure today's episode recorded I taped it on 2 Foxtel boxes and I wake up to see 'no signal, program failed'. Really, really annoyed. Huge episode, been building to this one for quite some time, and it fails to record. Can anyone provide a small recap?
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