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  1. Was one of those where Hurst ends up in a dress? Couldn't remember if that was Xena or Hercules, but either way, entertainingly silly. Heh - that sounds like a discussion that needs to be started! I'm guessing there is some kind of off-topic forum somewhere? I used to absolutely adore watching Hercules back in the '90s, so I've been indulging my nostalgia with some DVD sets more recently. Up to Season 3, and best of all, managed to convince my gf that they're good fun to watch. She even sat all the way through Kull the Conqueror recently, so she's clearly been desensitised.
  2. Heh - if it was anything like Hercules, they kinda gave up on choreography after the first couple of seasons (although Michael Hurst is and was an accomplished stage actor, so he had a decent grasp of stage fighting already). But then that's only a guess: I've watched much more Hercules (I preferred its campy, tongue-in-cheek approach, which never took itself as seriously as the sister show) than Xena.
  3. Top song, and I've always loved the video: very distinctive.
  4. Artists I listen to the most: Last ten songs I listened to: Tends to be quite cheesy. In many ways, I haven't left the '80s yet. ;)
  5. Out of interest, does he have any actual martial arts training? I can't tell if he's got BJJ experience yet, as I haven't seen him do any groundwork (just mime a throw), but would be interesting to know if it's in his background.
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