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  1. It's weird, when Bill first ran off into the bush I kept thinking about the time Haydn ran away and fell into an old mine shaft. Then in episode 1268 they actually used the same music from that Haydn story for Bill!! Mike Perjanik certainly has a great memory for detail.

    Something else I thought about was Fisher's attitude towards Bill. He's been mostly tolerant. Probably a good thing nobody has told Luke about what Fisher tried to do to Nico! I really enjoyed the storyline with Bill being misssing this week, it was very emotional with a great ending too. I was actually expecting Laura to be the one who finds Bill and having to bring him home would force her into the community but I was wrong.

    Nice plan Angel came up with at the end of Friday's episode. I wonder if she came up with it herself or if Sarah's in on it. For that matter, I wonder if Shane is in on it! Tug has gone way too far this week and I no longer feel in any way sorry for him.

    I do, however, feel very sorry for Bobby. It feels like a lot was going on this week and it was hard to fit everything in, but I'm glad they managed to squeeze in a scene of Ailsa comforting Bobby, even if it was extremely short. Maybe next week Pippa might get around to visiting her!

    I also thought Laura would be the one to find Bill, however I liked how Bill was found.

    I feel for Bobby. Knowing what's coming up soon, I loath Greg even more.

    And do Tug and Shane eventually become friends?

    Yes, Tug and Sarah eventually become good friends.

  2. I thought I should open a thread about Trey, since there isn't one already.


    I am really starting to warm up to him now. In the beginning I thought he was a real jerk for this whole Kirsty business, but as I have seen more of him, I now like him better. I think he makes a good addition to the teen cast (Ruby, Jai, Annie, Geoff and Xavier), as the others are all pretty decent, and Trey is a bit more of a bad boy.


    I'm not sure whether he is just a guest character or not (I know he is listed as that now), but I think it would be good if he became a regular. It could be interesting to see him develop as a character, and I think there is a lot of potential there. And besides, he is not bad looking either... :)


    What are your thoughts about him? I'm sure not all of you agree with me! :wink:

  3. I

    As a couple I loved Jade and Nick, and I was fuming when those episodes of 'The Dorm' aired! There was something believable about their relationship and they were often quite cute with each other, which was sweet to watch, so I was quite upset when those two broke up.

    Couldn't agree with you more. Those two were a great couple. Jade's exit was pretty lame, and the De Groot storyline was bad. After everything with Duncan and the drugs, I didn't really care about her character anymore. I just felt sorry for Seb for getting involved with her at all.

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