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  1. For me the Early Years ended with Pippa's departure in 1998.
  2. According to Emily herself she will be back on screen June 20.
  3. I really liked Drew as a character and it's a shame his stint in the bay wasn't longer. But as far as I know that had something to do with the actor's bad behaviour off screen.
  4. I also thought Laura would be the one to find Bill, however I liked how Bill was found. I feel for Bobby. Knowing what's coming up soon, I loath Greg even more. And do Tug and Shane eventually become friends? Yes, Tug and Sarah eventually become good friends.
  5. I think Matt Little looks too old to be playing VJ. His real life age in itself is not a problem for me, if he had only LOOKED younger. IMO he looks older than Matt (Alec Snow) who is supposed to be two years older on the show. Maybe Matt Little can act well, but I feel that this casting is wrong. They should have picked another actor, closer to Will, who plays Jett, in age.
  6. The Andrew/Donna storyline is to this day one of my favourite H&A storylines. Actually it was the storyline that got me hooked on the show. I taped all the episodes from that story on my old VCR player..
  7. I really like Matt and wish he'd been on screen more. He and Sasha are great together. Matt is like a breath of fresh air in my opinion. I was getting tired of all the male characters being so goody two shoes. Matt is an interesting character to watch.
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing how Shane and Damian end up best mates, as of now Shane isn't very nice to him. Shane acts like a big jerk in my opinion, but I know I will like him later on... ,
  9. On Todd's official site it says that he has a private Facebook account. Anyway, today I got a friends request from a person called Todd Jame's Lasance, after I became a fan of Todd on Facebook. I guess this profile is fake...? Here is the link, so you can check it out yourselves. http://www.facebook.com/search/?init=srp&a...99.998095176..1
  10. Me too. Despite all he has done, I still really like Trey. I feel sorry for him. His stepdad is such a jerk.
  11. I would like Hugo and Martha to get together. I think they will be a great couple. Besides, I like Hugo.
  12. I'm really starting to like Trey and Nicole as a couple now, and the way he went over to her place to apologize was very sweet. Hopefully this couple will last for a while.
  13. I think that Aden and Nicole are wrong for each other, and I feel that they are more like brother and sister. When they first met, yes, there was chemistry, but now I feel that that chemistry is gone, and they're better off as friends.
  14. I thought I should open a thread about Trey, since there isn't one already. I am really starting to warm up to him now. In the beginning I thought he was a real jerk for this whole Kirsty business, but as I have seen more of him, I now like him better. I think he makes a good addition to the teen cast (Ruby, Jai, Annie, Geoff and Xavier), as the others are all pretty decent, and Trey is a bit more of a bad boy. I'm not sure whether he is just a guest character or not (I know he is listed as that now), but I think it would be good if he became a regular. It could be interesting to see him d
  15. Yeah, I definitely loved them. They were my all time favourite couple, and they also had a happy ending, something that's not happening often in Summer Bay.
  16. I'm not sure whether I like him or not. Him and Ruby were so boring together, but I really like him with Freya. It's passion between them. Hopefully he will have some great storylines. Unfortunately
  17. This is so sad. No one should die so young. RIP Belinda!
  18. It still doesn`t work for me either. :-(
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