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  1. I'm goood thankss (:

    Been up to much?


  2. Heeey(:

    Added you on this account like you asked!

    So how are you?


  3. Hey :)

    Thanks for the friend request. I accepted you :)

  4. Aw i'm tired too =/

    You been up to much recently?


  5. Heey ;)

    Im good thanks.

    how are you?


  6. Thank you for the birthday wishes! =) x

  7. Nothing much. Went iceskating + to the movies to see Alice and Wonderland but apart from that nm.

    Oh and happy birthday!! Have a great day hun!


  8. Im good thanks =)

    Yoou been up to much?

  9. Im good thanks =)

    You been up to much exciting recently?

  10. Hiyaa. How are you?? =)

  11. Hiyaa. Not talked to you in ages :o

    How are you??

  12. Aw no problem! Hope you had a great day =)

  13. The live episode was soooooooo amazing! I was truly hooked to it all the way through. And it was STACEY?!! I expected it to be someone unexpected like Becca or Tracy. Does this mean that Stacey's going to have to leave now? I really hope not as Stacey is one of my favourite characters. I was also gutted when Bradley died. I was watching it with my friends and we were all almost crying. It was horrible but at the same time so amazing! Happy 25th birthday Eastenders!
  14. Nothing much. We get a week off school this week so i've just been hanging out with my friends n tht. Good luck on your grades! =)

  15. Nice to meet u Fran. Im good thanks. Have you been up to much?

  16. Hi. I'm Georgina.

    I love your content bit it's really cool! So how are you?

    Georgina =)

  17. Happy Birthday Georgia!! =)

  18. Hiyaa. Im Georgina. How are you?

    Georgina =)

  19. Hiyaa.

    I'm Georgina. How are you?

    Georgina =)

  20. I really like Ruby to be honest. At the start, i'll admit, i didn't like her one bit. The whole 'appearing with a boyfriend' thing just wasn't my cup of tea but she's grown as a character and been in some fantastic storylines which has made me change my mind about her. I guess when new characters turn up nobody likes them for the fact that they're new and different and you don't know what they're going to be like. Some characters stay that way and you end up not liking them one bit however, Ruby's character didn't do that. Throughout her storylines like Charlie being her mother and her love interests like Xavier or Geoff, i have really began to warm to her and i am now glad that she was brought into Home And Away.
  21. Personally, i reckon Geoff Campbell is one of the best characters Home And Away has introduced to us. At the start, he didn't seem like much of a character but he progressed and now he has brought us many intriguing storylines and i think most of us(especially the girls) have fallen head over heals for Geoff's good looks (i'm one of them ) Overall Geoff is always the character i like to see in storylines as Lincoln Lewis' acting is brilliant (and im not just saying that because i'm in love with him). Where would we be without Geoff?!
  22. Hiya! Not talked in a while =/ how are you? what you been up to?

    Georgina =)

  23. Cool glad you liked it =) Im good thanks. How are you? =)

  24. Taylor Swift?! Aw yur so lucky! Taylor Swift is awesome! Hope you have a great time!


  25. Aw thats a shame =(

    I hate people that leave you comments like that because it's like they have no consideration for your feelings =(

    I took a look at your 'One In A Million' ff and its really good!


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