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  1. Charlie had to tell someone other than Brax soon! She can't keep it to herself for much longer! Bianca coming around to the baby idea is so sweet and I hope what April said has helped Liam with what he is thinking/feeling, coz its true, biology isn't important, its the love More soon please
  2. Poor Brax, Heath and Casey That's all I can say! More soon please
  3. Amazing start I want to know more! Lots of info there for Charlie and Ruby to take in..... Hmmm, she met Brax already ?? More soon please
  4. I've missed commenting on a couple of updates strange.... Ruby's reaction was understandable, but I did feel for Charlie when she got slapped But I'm loving how they're re-building their relationship, even down to the 'mum' and Ruby holding Olivia so sweet. what's Tegan planning??????? doesn't sound good! More soon please
  5. Cats and Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore I a few times
  6. Oh the irony of Bianca joking about Brax knocking someone up.. hilarious I hope Liam and Bianca can work through this, Bianca knows it was a mistake and I bet she's willing to do anything to get back to what she and Liam had More soon please
  7. Heath needs to either do one, or get his backside kicked! Hope Gypsy is okay Bianca....only wanting to help, but maybe she should just let Liam sort this out for himself Going to Hawai doesn't seem to bad of an idea to get away from things....lol Fab update, more soon please
  8. Great chapter! Poor Ruby, blaming herself for the accident I dunno what to think about Nic; on the one hand I can see how she got distracted, but then again, she did cause the accident. I suppose I feel sorry for her Charlie & Angelo...well, I was NOT expecting that! Poor Brax, he just wants to be with Charlie More soon please
  9. Milk Food for dinner cat food Such a housewife!!
  10. Great chapter, Liam! I at his little comment about Heath and Bianca, but still, he owes money to a riverboy...oh dear! Is Charlie gonna tell??? More soon please
  11. There's a twist I wasn't expecting! But she still wants to find her daughter...or at least have Brax find him so in a away thats still sweet More soon please Hope he is found soon
  12. I loved Ruby's reaction to Charlie and Brax's date Poor Ruby! Gonna find out that her adoptive parents are dead and that her best mate was responsible! I'm wondering the same as lollypop......Angelo and Charlie had Ruby??? I dunno though, sure... Preview again sounds fab Can't wait for more!
  13. Great chapter! I liked the conversation between Charlie and Nicole, even though Nicole has just infuriated me more! I can't believe she's trying to get Charlie to cut her some slack! I know it takes two to have an affair, but Nicole knew Charlie and Angelo were together. Anyway, the sooner she leaves, the better! I hope Angelo keeps his promise and that he will be there for the baby What wrong with Ruby??????????? Loved the hug bit More soon please
  14. Great chapter, you have me proper hooked, I wanna know what Liam owes Bianca well should have vomited on Heath! would have been funny and the 'You make me sick' comment, more soon please
  15. Great chapter Yes Charlie, take your own advice Liam and Heath punchup! YEA!!!! I can see that happening, More soon please
  16. LOVE this chapter That date! wow, beautiful Brax falling more for Charlie! And They kissed! ! Preview sounds WOW, More soon please (PS, call me Cally )
  17. I read the first chapter, but seemes to forgot to comment...i need to keep tabs next time! The first chapter was great, Annie as A Braxton???? Felt sorry for Brax, and the father isn't a nice bloke at ALL! Brax determined to find out if Annie is his sister is sweet, and Cheryl seems to want to find her, Fab two chapters, can't wait for the next one Hope Aaron's is found safe and soon xx
  18. Maybe, will see. Stupid time difference! GRR anyhoo, if we dont get to MSN, I have ALL next week off (Go me!!!) After seven months of 50hour weeks lol

  19. Liam can't be that mad with Bianca, she didn't know Heath dealt the drugs.... Anyway, I'm glad Bianca told Liam about her and Heath and that she's pregnant. will have to see if he is 'man' enough to move through this Is Charlie pregnant too?? Sure seems it with the little remarks. Someone posted how funny it would be, I agreee, it would be funny! Heath AND Brax Great update, more soon please
  20. Maybe thurs&fri. I dont know tho, got my gran to see to and my sisters cats (lol) my parents are away so me and chris have to do it all. Hopefully will chat tho! xx

  21. Oh My God! For some strange reason, I haven't commented on ANY chapter! I thought I had done. Chapter 1: I love the start and how you've got Charlie 'running away', and how you've introduced her with her past still very much plaguing her. Oooh! Brax has noticed her already! Chapter 2: I was thinking that the rude girl was Ruby -And I was right! Brax! I just love him (So will Charlie to I hope ) Chapter 3: I loved how Brax wanted to comfort Charlie -but couldn't and how the women wanted to help to. Martha! Been judgmental -that doesn't surprise me! Glad Jenny isn't telling anyone and that she put Martha back into place Chapter 4: Great idea to have each characters reactions when they get home and are with their partners. I felt for Mark when he was worrying that Charlie wanted Ruby back. Ruby overheard! I do feel for her Chapter 5: I just love Brax and how he wants to comfort Charlie. And I did love: Awkward on the beach at that last part.... Chapter 6: Great chapter! didn't see that slap coming! I can see why Ruby felt the need to slap Charlie, but poor Charlie! Now thinking history is going to repeat itself! Ooh, and Brax at the end...Maybe he will chase after Charlie...... Chapter 7: Jack and Brax more concerned with Charlie than they are Ruby! -Love it! No Ruby, That didn't work the way you wanted it to! Brax comforting Charlie <3 Chapter 8: Great chapter! I'm glad Charlie went around to Ruby's house to explain everything, and that Ruby was able to figure it out for herself, I don't think Charlie really wanted to say the word rape. Chapter 9: Brax got through to Ruby! Its what she needed, walk a mile in someone else's shoes Ruby! It helps! Now Charlie and Ruby are at an understanding! Yey, its what they both need Chapter 10: I loved this chapter! Ruby isn't angry anymore, and Charlie and Ruby are making progress! And that last bit- sooooo SWEET! Chapter 11: It seems nothing will wipe the smiles off Charlie and Ruby's faces -why should it?? Ruby fearing rejection if Charlie didn't go back, -I can see why she would think this, but at the same time, I don't think Charlie will want to loose Ruby for a second time, not after everything. Chapter 12: It seems like Charlie and Ruby are now mum and daughter.....the banter between the two, the laughing -how sweet! Brax asking Charlie out!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!! And Ruby helping Charlie to choose something to wear >< This made me laugh! I'm really enjoying reading this! Keep it up!
  22. Bianca pregnant to Heath! interesting.... Wonder how he'll react Glad she confided in Charlie, but Charlie is right; Bianca is the one who has to make her mind up More soon please
  23. Hey :D lol

    aint spoke in a wee while! eeep

  24. Loved it when Charlie slammed the scan picture on the table- Go Charlie! I can't believe that Angelo needed proof! Hopefully the alcohol wont do too much damage/harm to the baby Brax asking Charlie out and/or to meet up April's reaction to what Ruby was saying -such an April thing! Update soon please Danni!

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