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  1. Happy Birthday Danni! have a fab day :) x

  2. Hope u had a fab day yesterday! Sorry this is a day late, xx

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes xx

  4. Thank you for the birthday wishes xx

  5. Thank you Danni! And as soon as my internet is running I can talk to you properly! And comment on doc, which is amazing and gripping BTW xx

  6. Sorry about Sat night convo, my DNS stopped working (whatever that is..) and its only just started to work. x

  7. Maybe, will see. Stupid time difference! GRR anyhoo, if we dont get to MSN, I have ALL next week off (Go me!!!) After seven months of 50hour weeks lol

  8. Maybe thurs&fri. I dont know tho, got my gran to see to and my sisters cats (lol) my parents are away so me and chris have to do it all. Hopefully will chat tho! xx

  9. Hey :D lol

    aint spoke in a wee while! eeep


  11. Lol, well As Long As I Have you will be up as soon as Believe is done lol, and i did have another idea floating around my head lol, keep remembering it when im in the bath lol haha! x

  12. Glad you having fun! I've just been doing the usual lol, posted a oneshot! (eeep lol) and just chilaxing xx

  13. Hey, you having fun in canada? x

  14. Aww, thanks, glad you've liked them :D I read 'Charlie's life is far from happy'and enjoyed it, and Im liking theone you are on th now. Its gonna have Brax, Liam, Miles & Charlie in...its different to what I usually wrte about, hopefully it works lol. When I finish Believe, I'll be posting that one (maybe way after to give myself a lil break lol)

  15. Lol, I was gona wrtethesame as Danni! lol. But yea, glad you lik reading my fics also :) x

  16. Hey I'm goodthanks, you?

    EEEEEEEE soooo excted about Chax<3 Charlie FINALLY let her feelings out! omg so hot. Love how he just gently touches her face WUB. I cant wait for this week either :D

  17. Hope you are enjoying your birthday on holiday! Enjoy the day and enjoy your holiday xx

  18. WOW isall I can say to that promo. And I am now WANING then to get together NOW lol. She so wants him and its funny that he's picked up on tat. She's hot andso ishe ad they have the persnalities to match,, they are gonna be SO HOT <3

  19. I want to ee it! I'm one of the most IMPATIENT people ever. When the last ep of 2010 aired in Aus,I was like :o Charlie has a guy pashng her! and the looks between them too! and that was just from the promo lol. So yea, when they do get together I will be one happy Chax fan :D

  20. Yea i saw the promos. I just want to see the kiss at Leah's house now, that one looked full of passion! like they couldn't keep their haands off each other! love it <3

  21. I can't wait either lol, keep watching the Charlie&Brax parts as and when they appear on UK screens lol. Bu I'm at AUS pace so I'll see tem get together sooner lol :D

  22. Hey:D thought I'd say hi

    hehe another charlie&brax fan :D

    you seen the youtube fan vids??? you'll like them ;)

  23. Thank you for the Birthday wishes :D xx

  24. Hey!

    Where did you get/who did your Charlie&Ruby av?? Its AMAZING!!!!

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