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    Home and Away

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    <the cabbage patch>
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    *I enjoy reading autobiographies/biographies (I've got Goldie Hawn's and Julie Andrews)<br /><br />*I spend a bit of time on the internet. I love researching things.<br /><br />*I love to just drive places. Anywhere really, don't have to have a destination

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About Me

My Name is Carolyn, but everyone calls me Cally, so you can to

I have 2 older sisters

I'm a Nursery Nurse

I would love to go to Australia!

Wouldn't mind going back to New York, that was a fab get-away

I love comedy & sarcasm

If I Could, I Would Live Like

The Addams Family.

They're Creepy, They're kooky,

They're All Together Ooky,

But They Are Close And Loving Family

Yvonne De Carlo

1st September 1922 - 8th January 2007

Carolyn Sue Jones

28th April 1930 - 3rd August 1983

Madeline Gail Kahn

29th September 1942 - 3rd December 1999

♥Charlie&Brax ♥
♥Charlie is my favorite character, and has been since her very first episode♥

I relate to Charlie in so many ways, hench why she is my favourite character.

I love her and Brax together, but I must say, Brax is deffo another fav of mine :wub:

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