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  1. Please please please could someone make some Charlie icons??? Thank you in advance
  2. I have been reading this fic since you began it Danni and I really enjoy it!! I can't believe Angelo is dead, Poor Connor. I love how Brax is just so supportivie of Charlie through everything and I hope that they have some happiness down the line.... Update again soon please Danni. Love it
  3. Danni, I know I have been so bad with commenting on each chapter of this amazing fic, but I have read each and every chapter and each chapter has just been so great. You are an amazing writer and it shows. I loved how you ended it, still with the reminders of Ruby but also showing that they can move on with their lives. I really can't say how much I have enjoyed reading this. Thank you so much for writing this!
  4. Wow Danni, another story on the go! It's great so far; I feel so sorry for Ruby been so sick Charlie and Brax love them! I can understand why Brax is a bit resistant to the idea of Charlie having a baby with Grant, but it might be the only way to have a certain match. I can understand why Charlie is determined to have a baby with him, I just hope she gets the support she will need. Great writing Danni,
  5. Just read this from the beginning. How amazing??? I love it! I feel so sorry for Charlie: Having to deal with the death of Lily, the loss of her marriage and the fact that the father of her son doesn't want to do anything to help her through any of the emotions! I hope Charlie has some good fortune coming her way, Ie Brax these two obviously have a connection already and they have shown that they are what each other needs at this moment in time Connor is just so adorable! you write kids so cute in any fic you do! I love how he loves his haribo and how he calls Brax Daryll! it made me chuckle when he made Charlie sign her name on a piece of paper so she couldn't go back on her word Angelo: don't even get me started! I can't believe he has little time for his son! I get that he is grieving, but to ignore his son, BLAME his son for the death of his daughter and then tell Connor that he can't talk to the one man who is actually being a father-figure to him??? nah, he can go do one! ;angry: Poor Ruby, I hope she and Charlie can get back to a relationship soon and one that is strong. Looks like she and Romeo may become 'more than friends' and I wonder if she is actually going to go through with the adoption to Tony and Rachel; for Tony and Rachel it would be nice, but I can see where Charlie's arguement came in. Hopefully Ruby won't make a mistake. Update again soon Danni, I'm hooked!
  6. Aww, thanks for the nod in the thing you put at the beginning of each update! Cheeky! Two fab updates Danni; loved them. The twins are so cute and hilarious! they should have their own comedic act! Where do babies come from? Why have you got scribbles on your arms? What's my baby brother called? -SO sweet! Awkward moment there when Charlie was asked about giving the twins a baby brother. Felt sorry for Charlie Xavier and Rubvy's little bit there was sweet; a cute little family in the making there! Update soon Danni! This is amazing writing here!
  7. Danni! I can't believe how many updates I have missed! Has to be nearly 50 chapters worth, if not more! All I can say is WOW! The writing is fantastic and I have loved how Charlie and Brax have grown so much in their relationship together and how cute the twins are and of course little Jacob. I have so many parts of each chapter that I like -ranging from the funny to the cute to the dramatic to the sad. A few of them are: Riley and Paige with the bridesmaids dresses, Charlie seeing an engagement ring and thinking it was hers, Charlie saying how Ruby is 23 and getting married before she was and Brax adding 'she can make you a grandma when you're still in your thirties', the whole Ryan drama, keeping the suspense going as to who was Bella's dad. Its so nice to read a Charlie and Brax fic seeing as though we can no longer enjoy them on screen Thank you Danni, this is an awesome fic and I will be commenting more regularlary -on the plus side of missing so much, I had loads to read and keep me entertained
  8. Thanks Cally :) Long time no speak! Hope everything is going okay :) x

  9. Happy Birthday Danni! have a fab day :) x

  10. Hope u had a fab day yesterday! Sorry this is a day late, xx

  11. Thank you for the birthday wishes xx

  12. Thank you for the birthday wishes xx

  13. Happy bithday!! :D Hope you're enjoying your day!! Sandy :)

  14. Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!! Love Tele xx

  15. Thank you Danni! And as soon as my internet is running I can talk to you properly! And comment on doc, which is amazing and gripping BTW xx

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