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  1. Is anyone else finding it a bit hard to believe that Fisher would actually fall for Nathan's lies? It defies credibility IMO. Also, do Sarah and Nathan actually date? Or is it over before it begins?
  2. Technically, Donald lost four children - Alan, Bobby, Oscar and Byron. In 1997, Marilyn suffered a miscarriage and they named their son, Oscar I remember a few years ago, I was saying to my sister how it is so creepy how the only one of Donald's children who didn't die (Rebecca), the actress who played her died in real life. I do wonder why the producers killed off three (well technically four) of his children. Coincidence or more to it than that? By the way, I have enjoyed seeing Morag back. It is pretty clear that she is up to something. Did anyone think that her wanting a photo of Bobby and crying were genuine, or a put-on?
  3. I agree. At least one oldie like the ones that you mention or Floss and Neville, Stephen, Roo or Alison. Very disappointing that they don't. IIRC, Vanessa Downing makes a cameo appearance in the church though, which is nice. That said, I am looking forward to seeing Morag. However, it appears as though we may be missing out on four episides, including the funeral itself. Wasn't on todsy and won't be for the rest of the week, and looking at the synopsis for next Monday's episode, it looks as though they are just skipping those four episodes and going on to the one that would have been shown had yesterday's been shown.
  4. I am in two minds about the whole Greg-Bobby thing. I don't think that Bobby is right to not allow Greg to see him, but on the other hand, as Blaxland said, Greg was doing everything that he could to pass Sam off to so done else so that he could go and see Fiona. Also, how dare anyone tell Bobby that she should give Greg another chance, especially Nick, when he wouldn't give Lucinda another chance (and she only cheated on him once, IIRC, and felt more remorse than Greg)? What a hypocritr. Besides which, I knew that he wouldn't tell Bobby, whehn he should have, having been at the receiving end himself. I thought that the Bill story line was done well. Does anyone know whether the actor is mentally disabled? I love the Laura story line. You can tell that under that rough exterior is a kind woman who has been struggling for years, poor thing.
  5. Why would/should a father be less upset over the death of his son as a mother?? Does that make sense to anyone at all?! Both parents would be pretty much equally upset, and rightly so.
  6. Okay is it just me or have the men in Summer Bay stopped wearing speedos and switched to board shorts? In 1988-now it seemed like everyone wore speedos, now it seems to have changed.
  7. Up to Tuesday's episode. It was funny watching Irene trying to keep up the charade of having quit smoking. Was anyone else astounded that Michael/Pippa allowed her to smoke in the house? I will kind of glad to see the back of Sophie. I didn't dislike her so much, but she became very annoying towards the end.
  8. Do we see Monique again or is she just a oncer?
  9. So we haven't seen the last of Ryan yet? I thought that he'd gone forever. Who goes (permanently) first, him or Lou? Also, do Lou and Nick part on at least somewhat good terms?
  10. Jenna Price, Julia Gillard, Tanya Plibersek and Penny Wong probably wrote that story line.
  11. I think it was more a case of they wanted us to believe she was raped but they weren't actually going to say it. I agree. Rape seems to be the logical interpretation, but it was left ambiguous enough to conclude that it may have just been assault.
  12. Lol, so true. Playing the gender card to garner sympathy.
  13. What are they? I am pretty sure that I can guess one This Fin-Blake line is boring. Sure, Adam is an idiot, but how stupid could Greg be so stupid to go along with any of Abbott's schemes, when pretty much all of them have failed? In fact, are there any of his schemes that have actually worked? Maybe the Bunyip thing is the only exception. Don is being pigheaded and thinks that only he knows best, as he often does. This Nick-Lucinda is just tedious now, it should have ended a week ago. Such a shame, Lucinda had great promise when she first arrived, but is one of the most, if not the most, wasted and underused characters in HAA history, IMO.
  14. To be fair though, whilst I mostly agree, the boatshed job does sound a bit forced, and like charity. And lol at the reference to Noeline. What a classic and unique character she was. God I hated the hypocrite Nolene Burke. Too good to take charity but apprantly it's perfectly ok to rob and steal from innocent people. Weird sense of ethics! I have to admit I don't have a lot of sympathy for Sophie either. I could understand her wanting to get a job instead of going back to school if she was a struggling single mum with no family and no roof over her head. But she has the love and support of a LARGE family and network of friends, a roof over her head, meals provided for her, babysitters galore. There's no reason why she couldn't go back and at least get her HSC. Lol, I agree about noeline, but she was funny. Completely agree about Sophie. It makes no sense why she would just want to jump from low-skilled job to low-skilled job when she has a loving and supporting family. I don't know who is more stupid, Adam for being, well Adam, or Greg going along with it when pretty much all of Adam's harebrained schemes have failed in the past. In fact, I can't think of a single one that has ever worked, can anyone else? Possibly the only exception was the Bunyip storyline.
  15. I suppose Irene and Paris is the obvious example, although they never married.I think you'd have to go for Kim and Rachel for that, which is only a gap of about eight years.Steven, Haydn, Tug, Tom Nash, Jesse, Scott, Ric, Drew and Lucas all had obviously older girlfriends/flings.I agree though that it's far more common the other way round and it's reached the point where it's barely worth commenting on. Phil proposing to Marilyn did seem extremely abrupt but the way they delayed the actual acceptance does make it seem more acceptable.I quite like Simon and Toni. So Damian's fully onboard with the Rosses but again the way it happened worked and Pippa was right that they needed to either accept him wholeheartedly or let him go.Again, Michael works as a very effective flawed hero, who takes time to do the right thing but gets there in the end.Ignoring foreknowledge, Pippa's pregnancy was a nice joyous family moment.(I believe that the ending of that storyline wasn't decided until pretty late in the day so that's all anyone would have known at this point.)Sally standing up to Shane was brilliant if incredibly lopsided in terms of weight category. Don giving Lou a long overdue haul over the coals was a very welcome moment.Seems like she's finally chosen Nick but then it's seemed that way several other times as well. Haydn, Ric, Tug, Ric and Scott? Who did they date that were older than them? Also, does anyone know when Tug returns? I just wish this Ryan/Lou thing would end already. It was mildly interesting at first, now just so annoying, tedious and boring.
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