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Tug's job interview

In Episode 1354, Alf teaches Tug how to do a job interview:

Alf (funny voice): "Now—Mr O'Neill—Why do you feel that you're suited to this position?"
Tug: "I don't know"
Alf: "Tug ya can't say that!"
Tug: "Why not? What am I supposed to say?"
Alf: "Say something like 'I feel that I am suited for this position because I find variety stimulating'"

What I love about the early episodes of Home And Away

  • Vera's town gossip about everyone else's business
  • Vera's amusing Christian religious preaching about the "fabric of society being threatened"
  • Flamin' Alf's flaming performances
  • The music in the Diner and sometimes also played on Summer Bay radio
  • Mike Perjanik's background music (please release this on CD!)
  • Lance & Martin's stupidity
  • The lives of the Fletcher family, and also Alf and Mr Fisher's families
  • Life at Summer Bay High
  • Mr Fisher as headmaster
  • The Stevo and Dodge storyline (the most captivating storyline in Home And Away history)
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