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  1. I'm loving 'No more Mr Nice Guy' Lance
  2. that must be how I recognise her but don't remember Madge's niece. Thanks! and yeah I meant Fisher, Alan Fletcher is a pal of mine!
  3. The actress who plays Alison's friend (blonde girl called Alyce I think?), the one who Steven took to Alan Fisher wake/party, did she play someone else in the show years later? Or was she in Neighbours? She looks so familiar and it might be an obvious one, it's annoying me! edit - meant Fisher, cheers Ryan!
  4. Christopher stayed on the show up until when Pippa left in early 1998.His screen time tended to be fairly limited, think Little Pippa.I think I'd been watching the shows for several weeks before I noticed him... I seem to remember the storyline went that Barbara had got involved with a conman and lost a lot of money.Donald was about to remarry to Marilyn but until that happened Barbara was still slated to inherit the bulk of his estate, so she was desperate for cash and ended up poisoning his hand wash. Thanks for that. Explains why I cannot remember Christopher at all.
  5. A couple of questions:- What happened to Christopher Fletcher? I must have started watching H&A in the mid/late 90s and I can't remember him ever being mentioned. My memory isn't that good though! I've just been reading that Barbara Stewart tried to kill Donald around 1996?! Seems very out of character, what was the storyline behind that?
  6. The office that Frank works in looks similar to the flat that Roman, Nicole and Aiden lived in, same set up. Really enjoying these episodes.
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