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  1. aw thanks :) i haven't been here in ages. got an email alert, heh. while i'm here though... CHRIS HEMSWORTH & RHYS WAKEFIELD ROCK! SCREW EVERYONE WHO SAYS DIFFERENT CAUSE THEY'RE IN MOVIES AND YOU'RE NOT! HAHAHAHA! k bye :)

  2. hehe hello Cal. I must say, your avatar was a nice thing to wake up to at 2pm :P

  3. Rim ;)

    I refer to my Kimmy cat as Kimbie or Kimbert, which could also work as a pairing name. Gaden might outdo them now but I don't begrudge the next generation. I love whom I love :)

  4. Robbie and Kim are my babies. Geoff and Aden have a steamy hot love/hate relationship, but Robbie and Kim are just pure unconditional love.

  5. I can't help it if they're MEANT TO BE!!1!11!!!1

  6. update your profile. i need things to read.

  7. i'm getting there! i'm currently distracted by my ric fic though ;)

  8. happy birthday furzie! how lucky are you that you're birthday's the same as mark's with a name like that ;)?

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