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  1. I've been wondering - the hamburger phone in the Diner,has it always just been there or was there a time when it was introduced for whatever reason? It's always very much been a part of the place and the show,I know it's only a phone!,but it has!

    Thanks,in advance!!! :)

  2. I could batter Five for not doing a montage - I e-mailed them a good week ago about this and also if they had done their own montage and possibly pre-recorded Ray/Lynne or Mark when they where there.......and they bluffed their usual garbled response, saying the following....

    Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding Home And Away.

    Unfortunately, we do not currently hold the broadcast rights to the tribute for Sally Fletcher. The recent Continuity Announcements that were made by some of the cast of the programme have now finished and no more have been produced at the moment.

    Nevertheless, we have noted your interest in these aspects of the programme in our Viewer Enquiries Report. This is circulated throughout the company and will be seen by all relevant personnel.

    If there is anything further we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Thank you for your interest in Five.

    Yours sincerely


    Its as if a the fact that an (albeit obsessed) fan of the show e-mailing them is a surprise or something...I'm guessing they think the promo they've done is enough.... :(

  3. I don't think Lee's especially selfish or heartless, infact quite the opposite it's just a great shame she's so easily led by the chance of love and commitment with her boyfriend, which just emphasises her vulnerability and naivety.

    I really hope she's tracked down and becomes the loving mother to her baby that,with support, she appears to want to be!

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