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  1. Does anyone know if there's a way to make extra folders for PM's? My inbox gets full quite quickly,and only because of old PM's I want to keep,I might add! :P

    I would love to 'free up' my inbox and make a folder to keep the older ones. Is this possible? Thankyou inadvance!! :D

  2. Does anyone know which episode numbers the 2005 finale(I think it was when Scott and Hayley left?) and the storm episodes when Flynn got electrocuted trying to rescue Ric and Cassie from a caravan,I think! - Sorry for being so lacking in detail,feeling really sorry for myself :(......

    If anyone knows I'd be hugely grateful! :)

  3. For my little contribution to that,can,I just say thankyou to bttb-rox for getting me the job of the Elliot profile and for all of her endless patience and support,whilst I did! :D

    That was a couple of hours work,I feel pleased as punch,to see being a part of BttB! :D

  4. I sometimes wonder If I've dreamt this....but was there ever a (guest) character called Millicent Staples? I seem to remember she seduced Adam Cameron and then,conned him and stole his boat....

    Any help at all on that would be fantastic,it's something that's bugged me on and off for years! :P:rolleyes:

  5. Cassie's Departure Feature has now been uploaded to the main site.

    Just had a read - it's brilliant. :) Not that it would ever have been anything less! Can't wait to see Kate's. BTTB,excelling again! - Take note and weep,Five!!

  6. I made this post in the Australian Episodes section on the day Sally left,when the show originally went to air,and I'll post it here today to co-inside with the Fiver PACE episodes and also tomorrow when it airs on Five.....

    I'm sat here and I'm breaking my heart.

    I know these words by now,have been said so much they're paper thin - but,I've watched this incredible,beautiful woman call Kate Ritchie and Sally Fletcher grow up for the past twenty years. I've made an emotional attachment to someone so strongly,I forget as I am now,that they are a character in a television drama.

    Except,Kate has made Sally more than that. She's made her so real. So important.I've watched this 8 year old little girl,come to a new exciting home in a small town with a loving,new family. I've been able to see her grow from an adorable child,to a teenager,experiencing the worries and joys that come with what's a difficult time in anyones life. I've watched her gain the most incredible,precious insight into life and learn and gain more and more confidence.

    I've then seen her fall in love and marry Flynn. I will always hold a place in my heart for that couple. I know I will never love a couple in a drama more. When he died,it was a devasting time in my life personally,and Joel,Kate,Sally and Flynn allowed and encouraged me to find some light in the most dreadful time of my life so far.

    I've then,as my journey continued,taken the greatest strength both from my family of course,but,from Sally too. Because,she was another constant,that I had.

    Sally and Kate have always been there. I know it sounds blindingly obvious but they have. And just like Sally and no doubt Kate will too,have to find another path in life,find excitment and happiness in a new future and allow a new and fresh constant in to thier lives. It won't be easy,but,because I know they will,given some time,I will too.

    I feel unexplainably honoured and privileged to have been blessed with the most important 20 years of my life. I have watched her become the graceful,articulate,confident and beautiful woman millions of people have come to love and adore.

    I will always love and miss you Sally Fletcher.

    Kate Ritchie,please let the industry in which you have blessed with your skill,be blessed with it again,soon.


  7. Can I ask,how long do you have to stay at school in Australia??,it feels like Belle,Mattie and Lucas have been there forever now! And people only seem to be shown leaving when they either get expelled or more often,leave suddenly to start working because school isn't for them!

    It feels like years - literally - since we've seen someone do their HSC and leave with the best grades they can and then start their future! I just wondered if anyone knew and if it was just me or not?


  8. I've just read the character profile on the main site,and it was well documented in the show his relationship or severe lack of,with his Father and his subsequent death....but...and I'd love to know has his Mum been accounted for??

    I apologise,if I've missed the obvious and it's been mentioned on the show and in the profile(though I couldn't see it!),but apart from her name..that's all there is...would anyone be kind enough to help??

    Thankyou very much,in advance!


    Mod Note: Please keep any kind of quick questions such as these in this thread!

  9. Please could someone unconfuse me...be kind it's my birthday today!-I saw Will and Gypsy in their wedding episode today, and I saw them with a baby....I thought they only had Rachel, but I know she was much older when they,as good as adopted her,and I saw this tweeny baby and had no idea who it was! Can anyone help? My tiny minds confused! :rolleyes::)

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